News Snatch: The Last Of Us, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts III And Sweary Trevor

We’re heavy on the videos today and by the time Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII finally hits the shelves we will have seen most of it in trailers, here is yet another eight minutes of the game.

It’s announcement of an announcement time, “Big news on The Walking Dead Season Two later this month,” tweeted Telltale Games.


The Dragon’s Crown patch that allows PS3/PS Vita cross play is now live in North America, expect it here very shortly.

A trailer for the latest selection of DLC for Metro: Last Light, which will be on the store today.

A canned Silent Hill game for the DS has been revealed, it looks pretty awful to be honest, click here if you want to look at it.

The Last of Us: Abandoned Territories Map Pack introduces four brand new maps for The Last of Us Multiplayer.

Slender: The Arrival is heading towards Steam with some new content, expect it around Halloween.

A video of Xbox One racing wheels which cunningly look very similar to ever other racing wheel you have encountered. Do not trust them, they will steal your biscuits.

Zumba Fitness World Party launches next month and takes you booty shakin’ to locations across the globe, including Jurassic Park. Well, it’s actually Hawaii but that place where they are dancing is where they filmed parts of JP1.

Nintendo have reported that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y sold more than 4 million units across Japan, Europe and America in two days.

Footage of Kingdom Hearts III running on a PS4 with commentary from director Tetsuya Nomura, including a pirate ship and a boss battle on a train

Apple have confirmed they are holding an event on October 22nd. Multiple sources have claimed that the event will be used to make a number of Mac announcements as well as some new updates to the iPad range.

And Finally, the actor who plays Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V swears at someone in real life. Obviously NSFW as it has rude words.



  1. Not sure I can keep myself interested in LR:FFXIII until February 2014 with all the bland gameplay footage we’ve seen so far. :/

  2. Do not trust ginger london based bears as they will steal your biscuits as well. ;)

    I intially thought Lighting Returns was out now due to my misreading it. :O Square, just stop it. Just stop trying to force us to like Lighting and just focus on delievering an excellent FF game.

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