Rockstar Working On The “Next Version” Of One Of Their IPs

Put your speculation hats on and come up with the craziest ideas you can, because there’s not much to go on for this one. Rockstar are working on the “next version of a famous IP” now that GTA V has shipped, according to one of their employee’s CVs.

What the game could be is anyone’s guess, although Take-Two have hinted at turning Red Dead into a “permanent franchise”, and with the success of that game a sequel seems like a logical step.

Rockstar New England – the developer in question – didn’t help develop RDR, though they did work on Bully: Scholarship Edition, Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V, though it’s probably too early for a new GTA or Max Payne title.

Source: Kotaku/NeoGAF



  1. “May Payne 3” – is that a new game based around post spring cleaning :)

  2. I want table tennis.

  3. Red Dead Retribution.

  4. Not even joking, table tennis was one of my favourite games on my 360. Gutted it never came to PS3.

    Hopefully it’s not a new Midnight Club game. RDR would be amazing. Would love a PS4 Manhunt game, but doubt that will happen.

  5. a new Red Dead game would be awesome.
    RDR had one of the best developed lead characters i’ve ever seen in a game.
    couple that with a great game, and the game was a winner, one of the best of the generation.
    definitely in my top three.

    • I completely agree, RDR I ups in my top 3 games ever, I loved it that much. Would love a sequel, although it would be weird without John Marston.

      • Not really, I mean the first Red dead didn’t have john but a kid called red. I think just like GTA, if they carry on the RD series, it will have a different main lead character

  6. My first thought was Bully, i seem to recall that being mentioned by someone from Rockstar recently. A next gen Manhunt is what i’m hoping for.

  7. Do want another Bully or Manhunt before any of their other IP’s

  8. If they do manhunt, man that game would deffo raise concern about video game violence.

    I want bully since it’s exclusive to the Xbox never got to play it

    • Bully originally came out on PS2 but had its name changed in PAL regions. It was called ‘Canis Canem Edit’. I believe it’s available on the PS Store.
      Bully: Scholarship Edition was the upgraded port for 360, Wii and PC. That came with extra stuff. But the PS2 version had the least problems. =)

  9. Manhunt :D, if that would happen it would defo be a day 1 purchase, although a bully sequel would be great as well

  10. There’s every chance that Agent could be the next game released by R* seeing as they have multiple Studios. Could even release two games in one year. =)
    As for the famous IP, Midnight Club and Bully are the first two that spring to mind. Could be Red Dead but I would have thought that would be on the back burner to cycle their titles.
    As for more out-there guesses, A new Manhunt would be excellent. I’d like to see what they could do with State of Emergency or even Smugglers Run. The airfield missions from the property you can buy in GTA 5 reminded me of it. I bet they could write a story for those two. They did with MC:LA.

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