Rayman Legends Vita Invasion Content Patch Still In Development

Two months ago Rayman Legends was released across a number of platforms including the Vita, but it was quickly discovered that the version that appeared on Sony’s handheld was missing the Invasion levels. This discovery was quickly followed by Ubisoft announcing that a patch was in development to bring those levels to the Vita version of Legends for free.

For the last two months there hadn’t been any word on the state of the patch, that is until Ubisoft responded to an inquiry by a fan on Twitter.


So there you have it. Ubisoft are still working on the patch that will bring the Invasion content to the Vita, though a release period is still unknown.

Source: Twitter



  1. Good to know its still coming.

  2. I loved origins On my vita and will purchase this as soon as the levels are added,

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