Mercenary Kings PS4 Trailer Released

Mercenary Kings released earlier this year on PC after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and was confirmed for the PS4 earlier this year. Now a trailer has been released showing the gameplay, and confirming a release for this winter.

Features for the game aren’t mentioned in the trailer but if it is similar to the advertised features of the Steam version of the game then it should feature online and local co-op multiplayer.

Mercenary Kings costs £11.99 on PC, so a similar price is likely on the PS4. A Vita version hasn’t been confirmed though the game looks like it would be a perfect fit on the handheld.

Source: Youtube/Steam



  1. *Hello, is that Tribute Studios?*

    *Yeah, it is.*

    *The Tribute Studios who are making, marketing and selling the new PS4 game Mercenary Kings?*

    *Yes. Who’s speaking please?*

    *I’m from Frogett, Murder and Bash. We represent SNK Playmore…*

    • Whut?

      • Doesn’t it look a teensy bit like Metal Slug to you?

      • Yeah it even says in the video Metal Slug meets Borderlands but most games look like other games in some way or another use to enjoy the Metal Slug games also.

  2. Contra?! I love these kinda games, vita version would be epic

  3. Would Defo purchase this for Vita.

  4. Good bloody god, am I not interested in these sorts of games. Obviously I didn’t know until I clicked the video but I think they always look/feel like games I’ve happily moved on from twenty years ago.

    Not for me.

    Next! *rings desk bell*

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