Check Out Knack’s Co-op Gameplay Trailer

This isn’t coming through official channels just yet but it looks legit to us. So let’s just take a moment to soak in the PlayStation 4 launch’s quirky, age-appropriate third person action game.

I think I’ll be leaning more towards titles like Resogun and Killzone Shadow Fall for my launch day shenanigans but this looks like a great one for those with younger members of the family or aspirations to build giant automatons capable of disassembling themselves.



  1. Looks fun

  2. The two controllers at the beginning suggests couch co-op to me which is exactly what I was hoping for…!

  3. Looks great to me, I think I might pick this up when it’s a bit cheaper.

  4. Not my kind of game but it doesn’t look too bad for a laugh. It does look a bit empty though to me, like more stuff should be happening in the background.

  5. This looks like the sort of think my son and I will enjoy playing together.

  6. I like the I look of Knack but there are other games that are at the front of my queue.

  7. I am probably going to get this.

    I want a platform type game and the complete lack of next gen Lego Marvel news leaves me concerned that it will be no different to the ps3 version.

    When I think back at how much fun I had back in the day with crash and spyro, makes me think it will be pretty good. Mark Cerny has a good pedigree when it comes to these type of games.

  8. On the one hand:It looks generic as hell (spotted a mine level, iceworld level and lava level, all staple platforming fare) and thus not something i’d rush out and buy…on the other:I’m currently rather enjoying Daxter on PSP, a title i bought years ago, never really bothered with (just sneered at to be honest,gulp) and still yet to try the Jak And daxter Collection i bought months ago on PS3….

    Who knows, in years to come, it could feature in a ‘Undiscovered Gems:PS4’ feature on a website…

    whatever becomes of it, the Ps4 needs titles like this to appeal to all groups, so there’s a very real part of me that would like to see more titles like it.

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