PS4 Killzone Mega Bundle Delayed In European Territories, But Not In UK

It seems as though the PS4 mega bundle – you know, the one at the same price as the Xbox One, including Killzone Shadow Fall, an additional DualShock 4 and the PS4 Camera – has been delayed in some European territories, and will now release around two weeks later than the PS4’s release date of November 29th.

The countries affected are Finland, Portugal and Germany – confirmed by their branches of Amazon and GameStop. The listing for the PS4 mega bundle currently features a message warning customers of the delay:

Please note that this product will not be released on 29.11.2013. The exact release date has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer but is ahead of Christmas.

This is no good, and I really hope Sony offer an alternative for customers, allowing them to receive a console on the 29th of November, though it’s doubtful with the high demand for PS4s.

My UK order doesn’t show a delay, although the delivery estimate is now November 30th rather on release day, and Amazon had offered release day delivery. Also, a poster on NeoGAF has contacted ShopTo and been told that he will receive the bundle on launch day.

UPDATE: Amazon has confirmed to us that UK orders will receive their bundles on the 29th of November.


UPDATE 2: PlayStation Access have also confirmed that it is not delayed in the UK via twitter.



  1. I’ve seen it offered in Sweden at all but that is probably just Nordisk Film failing at everything.

    • I have not^

      • Don’t get my hopes up! My heart skipped a beat at your first comment.

      • Not been offered in Norway either.

        Saying that “The countries affected are Finland, Portugal and Germany” seems like a bit of a cop out.

    • I can confirm Nordisk Film is failing at everything.

      • Nothing out of the ordinary then. Seems like If I want A Ps4 by christmas I’m gonna have to preorder the regular version.

  2. I cried when I read the title then after scrolling down jumped in joy, all hail the UK lol.

    My order is still 29th delivery estimate

    • Yes, superb news! ;)

    • Yep scared me as well…..

      In other news, my order said 30th on Amazon so i went on chat with them and they changed it back to the 29th.

    • I think i had a small heart attack. Fingers crossed the UK is not affected.

      Dont let me down Shopto.

    • Same here. Although what’s to say they haven’t yet released an official statement in the UK yet with similar news?
      I’m pretty sure this is why you’re still guaranteed one on release day from ShopTo as there’s probably tons of the other bundles floating around as nearly everyone ordered the mega. If this happens to mine I’ll just get a PS4 on its own and upgrade BF4.

    • Same here, keeping fingers, toes…..well everything that is possible to cross that it’s not delayed here.

  3. I’m following this with interest, hopefully gamer bundles won’t be affected.

  4. Oooh, just realized that the UK release date of the 29th is THIS MONTH! Time’s flown and I’ve been working way to hard to realize that it’s nearly upon us. Very excited now.

    • ha ha, not long now sir, not long.

      • Wow didn’t realise that either! Awesome.

  5. I’m with Amazon and I have this bundle. I’ve had no change on my delivery date. Still 29th November. I’m in the UK.

    • Same here. Fingers crossed it stays the same. Only 21 days and 11 Hours and 37 minutes to go. Not that I’m counting or anything.

  6. Im hoping my local Tesco, where i have a standard console pre-ordered get this in on the off chance, as i know the guy that is in charge of infotainment(yup, its actually called that) and he will hook me up, heres to hoping anyway!

  7. Just to let you know TSA i pre ordered my PS4 on the 25th of October and i rang and emailed shopto and both responses told me i would get my PS4 launch day. I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion or its one big marketing stunt to get you to pre order a console out of fear of not getting one.

  8. If this happens in Game in the UK, I will not be held responsible for attacking the member of staff who gives me the news I shan’t be getting my PS4 – Speak to Yoshi.

  9. Scarred me there however I’m still not entirely convinced I’ll get the mega bundle on release from my argos order but I have everything crossed.

  10. Sensationalist headline.

    • The Daily Axis

      • Potential headlines to look out for:

        ‘[RUMOUR] Shuhei Yoshida uses PS4 to beat innocent puppies to death.’

        ‘PS4 advertisement blinds orphan child due to excessive use of the colour blue!’

    • How so? It has been delayed in Europe, that’s all we knew when I posted it, and I’ve updated it now we have confirmation, as I had always planned to.

      • Don’t listen to them Blair, they just mad cause they gotta wait 2 weeks ;)

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