What Are Sony Teasing With The “Hadouken Cabs” Advert?

Sony have sent VG247 a rather odd video for fictional taxi company, Hadouken Cabs, which seems to hint a Street Fighter on PlayStation 4.

The registration plate on the cab refers to the Super Street Fighter II Turbo release year whilst the phone number is a reference to the release date of the original Street Fighter arcade game.

Just four months ago Capcom confirmed that there were no plans for Street Fighter on next-gen consoles, so what this viral advert is for is anybody’s guess.

There is also a website for the cab company which has a rather amusing answerphone message.

Source: YouTube



  1. Super Crazy Taxi Street Fighter Edition! It’s coming I tells ya!

    • I’m picturing Simpsons Road Rage meets Destruction Derby… I need a towel.

    • That is exactly what I said and I want it. A lot.

  2. Maybe a PS4 SSFIV where the graphics are the same, but loading doesn’t take a lifetime? :P

  3. Actually, the cab plate is “PS-1994” (as you can see on the website). It’s rather for “PlayStation 1994”, which is the release year of the the PlayStation 1.

  4. Surely it’ll be a port of Ultra SSIV and they’re just keeping quiet until the 15th when those other PS4 games are being announced. If my SFIV stick works with PS4 I’ll be super happy!

  5. So is this not a genuine advert then? Given the current state of Sony finances, a game themed taxi service may be enough to reverse their fortunes.

  6. i would guess it’s a new Street Fighter, but why would Sony be teasing it like this, unless it’s exclusive.

    and i’m not sure what the cab angle is about.

    the message on the website was funny.

  7. What about it coming to ps3 if Capcom have said “no plans for next gen consoles”?

  8. Hyper Re-releases of the Street Fighter’s I’ve already bought on PS3?

  9. The cab angle refers to the skill area where you had to beat down the taxi cab/car as fast as possible to get points. Does no one remember that? Lol.

    I hope this is for a PS4 Street fighter!

  10. is it not just a nostalgia thing? leading up to the release of PS4.

    That being said, does anyone really trust anything capcom say?

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