Call Of Duty: Ghosts – Xbox One Comparison Video

Much of the PS4 footage in this video was affected by a pre-release bug that made it 720p. Please see here for more information.

Yes, I know it’s another comparison video, but this time we’re allowed to talk about and feature the Xbox One version of Call of Duty Ghosts against the PS4 and, briefly, the PS3.

It has already been revealed that the Xbox One is running the game at 720p, upscaled to 1080p, vs. the PS4’s native 1080p, but how does that translate to the screen? Is there a big difference between these two platforms?

Have a look and decide for yourselves, and you can use this direct link as well, then feel free to get busy writing comments about how you’re sick and tired of these comparison videos. This would be the point where I’d put a smiley face.

As before, with our PS4-PS3 comparison video, our capture options are not perfect. Firstly an element of human error, where the brightness settings across platforms don’t seem to have been identical, in addition to the dynamically changing lighting from the fireworks going off on the Federation Day level. The PS4 version is a bit darker as a consequence.

We’re also using the Elgato Game Capture HD, which is a fabulous bit of kit and very convenient, but compresses on the fly to H.264 so that even with bit rates around 24Mbps it’s not an absolute recreation alongside the reduction from 1080p60 to 1080p30. These files were then put through video editing software, re-encoding the final video to something around 20Mbps, which again adds some degree of compression. However, it’s the final step of putting the video onto Youtube that really crunches down on quality, from a 900MB source file to something almost 1/5th of the size.

To counteract this, we’re hosting large PNG files of a handful of moments through the level, which you can download and compare against one another if you so choose. Otherwise, you’ll just have to trust me when I say that assets and effects are identical across both next-gen platforms, with the resolution the only difference.










  1. What I gathered from this is that the PS4 just looks darker, but you can tell there seems to be slightly better lighting. But if you just saw it on a TV without knowing what its on, you wouldn’t know.

    I have to say though that on both machines, the game looks very average in the graphical department, especially on MP where it just looks terrible. When you compare it to Killzone and BF4 anyway.

    • The brightness is partially down to human error, as I wrote and said in the video, where I erred and didn’t triple check the setting before recording.

  2. Agree with Bilbo. Personally think these comparison videos are pointless (as mentioned in the article) due to compression, brightness settings and watching on tiny boxes on tiny screens – however I am shocked at how drab the game looks.

    Maybe just the level but when the player is navigating through the building it reminded me of early games on the PS3 when all the walls were same shade of magnolia and lighting was terrible. Compared to the demo for Battlefield 4 in the ship with the lighting on that level which blew me away.

    • You can always find the video on Youtube via your console, and watch it in situ, but yes there is compression and other variables.

  3. This is very strange, looking at the PNGs it looks like these are running at the same resolution?

    • As in some jagged edges are exactly the same, pixel-wise, between versions, which shouldn’t happen… I’m confused.

  4. The lightning looks to be a little more subtle in the PS4 version which I prefer, however, I’m going with “please, for all that is sacred, stop with the comparison videos!”. :-)

    • Interesting that for 3+ years we had to endure Xbox360 vs PS3 comparison videos, some clearly faked (who can forget the Orange Box fiasco where Microsoft’s pals got caught faking the PS3 one with the AutoSave).

      Here we are a few weeks from launch, and now suddenly comparison videos are not wanted anymore. I wonder why….. I think we all know the answer…

      • Well, it would be interesting if I was part of that with the current gen but I’m not. It was fu**ing tiring back then and it’s the same this time around too. If anyone places so much importance on something like this then they are going to miss an awful lot of wonderful games on the “other” console.

        Credit given to you for wangling in a sneaky swing at Microsoft via me being frustrated with videos like this. Top marks!

        It’s moderately interesting in the first article/mention but to see it draw out to what we have here (and on countless websites) is beyond frustrating. People just need some perspective on life (and gaming) but there we go. It would appear we all need something to argue about.

        By the way… my dad could take your dad in a fight.

      • Unlikely, as my dad is Chuck Norris.

      • He has a lot to answer for.

    • Yep agreed. I think it was Peter (ColossalBlue) that said on Twitter the best version of a game is the one that’s on the platform you own.

      Can’t say I’m remotely interested from a game engineering point of view either.

      • Jesus! Stalker much?! Yeah, that was me, except probably with more swearing. *waves*

        (I don’t think I follow you, do I? What’s your name?)

        P.S. I think comparison videos for the sake of “PS4 is better, Xbox One suxxors” or whatever the kids are saying now – are dumb but that’e because that attitude and those people are dumb. Comparision videos with the right tone (like this one!) can be really interesting. For example, I loved the way this one seems to show off the differences in how ambient lighting is displayed on each console.

        And I’m buying both the new consoles so nobody can accuse me of fanboying! (except with the Mega Drive, which was totally better than the SNES so shut up okay?)

      • Haha not stalker, I just have a good memory when it comes to article/twitter/forum posts.

        Twitter name is @AvengerrrOfTSA. And yes, plenty of swearing from your posts.

  5. Let’s stop these COD comparisons as neither version look any good….

    • At least they made the PC version look half reasonable.

  6. I heard the WiiU version was the best version *cough* ;)

  7. The only difference I see is in the picture colour temperature.
    Xbox One is warmer ( yellow ) when the PS4 has a more colder ( blue ) vibe.

  8. Pictures speak louder than words – they both look shit!

  9. I’ll happily play this along with Battlefield and Killzone.

  10. Resolution doesn’t bother me too much. Full RGB range and shadow detail does, though. So far the XB1 is showing it hasn’t learnt from its predecessor and keeps crushing shadow detail! I don’t want vibrancy at the cost of detail! I could not play Tomb Raider nor GTA5 on 360 for this reason, which if continues will mean I only get exclusives on XB1 when the console is cheaper.

    I have to admit though – before calibrating my screen using a guide I’d never have even noticed RGB levels etc. Ignorance is indeed bliss.
    Otherwise there is not a lot in it and unless you really look for comparisons whilst actually playing (then you are doing it wrong) I doubt many could tell.

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