Here’s That PS4 All Access Pre-Launch Show In Full

In case you’re not a bit wrong in the head and you didn’t stay up until 5AM to watch the stream, here it is. It was a little short on massive exciting new things but there were a couple of nice announcements and teasers. Uncharted was undoubtedly the big news, although Last of Us DLC teaser and word of early access to the Destiny beta for PlayStation fans will interest some.

If you don’t have an hour to watch the full thing, all the most interesting bits are strewn wearily across our news feed.

PS4 is out in two weeks here in the UK. Excited yet?



  1. So tired, but was worth it.. kinda :)

  2. The Uncharted announcement was kinda expected by most, I think (although we all wanted it to be something to do with Crash). Didn’t really see much new to make me go wow unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong – the stuff we have already seen is awesome anyway, but there wasn’t a moment that really stood out for me.

    Regardless, still desperately counting down the days, and have booked time off for it.

  3. Was Uncharted the only new game announced?

    I have to say I’m disappointed if that’s the case.

  4. I think that when the PS2 or PS3 came out, there were people sleeping for 5 days in front of stores in Japan, to get it @ “day one”.

  5. Some good reveals and developments, like the eye tracking, but glad I didn’t stay up to watch it live.

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