New Strider Screens Compare PS3 With PS4

Capcom has released some new images from Double Helix Games’ reboot the 90s classic, Strider.

The first two screens show the differences between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions.


Strider PS4
This is the PS4 version, which runs at 60fps in 1080P.

strider ps3
Whilst this is the PS3 version which runs at 30fps in 720P.

The Japanese PlayStation versions will include downloads of the original two Strider games for PSOne and a video, whilst a special edition will also include an illustrated booklet, the soundtrack on three CDs, instruction card, sticker set, mask and a badge.

The game is set for a western release early next year on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Gematsu



  1. Apart from lighting effects, not much of a difference

    • Except for 2.25 times as many pixels, significantly less anti-aliasing and twice the frame rate. You can’t compare screens that have been resized down to large thumbs like these, the raw screens would look significantly different.

      • Don’t forget the copious amount of bloom!

  2. Hopefully this leads to more long dead series returning. Desert strike, road rash, streets of rage etc..

    • Desert Strike +1

      • The lead designer on the new Strider was also the lead designer on Desert Strike.

      • Did not know that.. thanks..

  3. Its almost like a spot the difference. The PS4 version just has better lighting.

  4. maybe bigger pictures would show the difference better.

    i’m sure in motion, at full resolution the difference is clearer.

    i’d love to see a western version get the same content the Japanese version does.

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