Terraria Now Available For PS Vita

After a long wait comes an announcement with very short notice: you’ll be able to download Terraria to play on your PS Vita from today. Heralded as one of the greatest indie games, it should feel right at home on Sony’s handheld system.

Unfortunately, while the game supports cross-platform saves and online play with the PS3 version, it doesn’t appear to be a cross-buy title, meaning you’ll need to shell out another £11.99 (or £10.79 with PlayStation Plus) for the handheld version.

The game does feature controls fine-tuned for the Vita, which include touch support in the crafting and item interface. They’ve also brought over a dozen new items, two new armour sets and 20 foes from the 1.2 PC update as well as all of the existing content.

You can purchase the game from the online store here.

Source: PSBlog


  1. This and minecraft are totally lost on me…

  2. So very tempted to get this for my Vita.. argh!

  3. I always said if this was released for the Vita, I’d have to think long and hard about picking one up.

    Now it’s here. So very tempted.

    But at the same time, I already have a massive backlog to get through…Torn.

    Being a comunity web site: Little help?

    • DO IT! before the crappy screen Vitas arrive ;)

      If you’ve got a PS4, the vita is definitely a nice addition, I’ve been surprised how much I’ve used the remote play feature (mainly when the misses is watching I’m a bloody Z list celebrity…).

    • Buy buy buy

  4. Aw ffs. I’ve already forked out 12 quid for this on PS3 and now I’m expected to fork out another 12 quid if I want this on Vita. Although I’ll probably end up buying it on Vita as it’s a cracking wee game.

  5. I wish this was cross buy or at least discounted for ps3 adopters. Won’t be buying but encourage others to.

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