TSA Game Of The Year 2013 – Platform Game

In recent times, there has been a massive resurgence in games focused around jumping and platforming. I’m really happy with that, since it was always my favourite genre when growing up, and I’m so glad that we get to celebrate that with nine potential candidates for our Game of the Year in this category, including classic characters such as Mario, Rayman and Scrooge McDuck alongside the new breed, with Knack, Tearaway and Puppeteer.

Naturally, Knack wasn’t going to win, at least not when considered against other platforming greats, but how about Tearaway or Puppeteer? Did the new games prevail, or did the classics remain top?

Well, it’s a bit of both. The delightful Rayman Legends grabbed the top spot as our best platform game this year. Building on the fantastic Origins formula, the 2D affair beat other games – 2D and 3D alike – to win out overall. Originally a Wii U exclusive, the title was delayed and then made its way to PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita when it released back in August. It’s even coming to PS4 and XBO next year.


Second was a brand new title, exclusive to the PlayStation Vita. Yes, it is Tearaway, of course. The wonderful papercraft platformer wasn’t too far behind Rayman, and certainly stood well ahead of the competition. Another great job from Media Molecule then, and one which felt like a much better platform game overall than LittleBigPlanet.

But Mario still managed to find his place – third place – in among our top games, with Super Mario 3D World. This wonderfully charming affair took the mechanics of the 3DS title Super Mario 3D Land and evolved them, innovating and mixing things up at every opportunity, as Mario games always do.

Further down the line we saw more superb games, some good games and even a dose of what some would consider average gaming that still managed to make its way into our voting, showing that the voting isn’t limited to critical reception.

Rayman Legends is TheSixthAxis’ Platform Game of the Year 2013.




  1. Rayman is the only one of those I’ve played and I just really don’t like it. Gaming for me has moved on from platforming so much in recent years that when u return to it as a genre I just don’t enjoy it, seems too simplistic.

    • I agree tony.

      It’s why Mario had to evolve into galaxy an even then I found it not as good as the memory of Mario. Still I suppose just cos I’ve grown to find these games simplistic others may not and I’m guessing when my kids are a bit older and start gaming this’ll be where they start.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s a bit sad but it also lets me know that I’ve moved onto other styles and genres as oppose to lost interest in gaming itself. Beat’em-ups are dead to me too.

    • …but then something like Guacamelee comes along which shows platforming still has a place, as the combat is so much more than just jumping on enemies.

  2. To me platforming is still great love all of those games above mentioned. I find it tough to beat a good platformer. Although I’m not to struck on Sonic these days really.

  3. Ducktales, Rayman (Origins + Legends), Pupeteer all of these are going into my backlog. I want these. I hope they will all come out eventually on Vita, without missing levels :)
    Just got a Vita for Christmas, currently I am digging into Guacamelee while my sister is hogging down on Tearaway.
    I don’t know if Guacamelee goes in this category but I have never played before a metroidvania style games and I love it. This and Remember Me are my holiday loves.
    Thank you PS+ and thanks to my parents :)

  4. Haven’t played any of them but I got Deadlight in the Xbox sale and its brilliant. Do love a bit of simple platforming.

  5. Tearaway is a great game but not too much of a platformer to be honest. Not when compared to something like Mario.

  6. Got Tearaway for Christmas, and it’s filling me with joy every time I play it. Wonderful :)

  7. Thought Mario 3D was an excellent game, and wonder how many ppl voting have a Wii U. That being said Tearaway was one of my games of the last few years and the best thing on the vita.

    I’ve heard good thing about Rayman legends as well though, got it for the 360 and going to play it today :)

    • Been playing a few hours and I really like rayman legends, the castle level with the rock guitar was brilliant. Overall though (and granted I’ve not played through this) I don’t think it delivers nearly the same experience as Mario 3D or Tearaway, but as both of those are not cross platform games I can see why Rayman Legends came out on top – good stuff and thanks for making me get it! Keeping me occupied on Boxing Day!!

      • There’s one of those musical levels at the end of each world, and as you say brilliant, platform gaming genious!

        Rayman…he’s a legend, nuff said worthy winner.

  8. I’m still torn on wether to pick Knack up or not!i love those types of games but heard a lot of bad about it but also heard good off customer reviews!can get for £30,is it. It worth that??

    • 100% yes imo. I got mine off eBay for £35 and I sold it for £35 so if you can get it for £30 you’ll easily be able to resell it for v similar price.

      It is repetitive as the reviews suggest… But I had a lot of fun playing through it – not a game I wanted to play through for all the collectables but enjoyable all the same… You’ve very little to lose :)

      • Thanks for the reply!it does look my type of game,I liked jak and daxter,ratchet and clank and sly cooper etc,so thinking this will be my type of game!does it have boss battles same as these or is it just go to and from destroying everything in sight?

  9. There’s a few boss battles yeah, couple of which are good fun. Graphically the game looks great and the story will keep you going for a good few hours (can’t remember my played time but sure it was 10+ hours).

  10. Missed out on Legends while saving my cash for the X1. Will hopefully pick up the re-release in February so I can finally make use of my second controller!
    Surprised Mario 3D World didn’t win mind you. Best game all year in my opinion.

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