WeView Verdict: Grand Theft Auto V

In an alternate world, no one likes Grand Theft Auto V. Here, on Earth #4786 however, we all really enjoyed it. Well, most of us anyway – there were a few who had some quarrels with the game, but given that you all chose it as the TSA community’s second best game of 2013, it’s understandable that the majority of reactions were positive.

We’ll get the negativity out of the way, with Taylor Made describing how he only bought the game “due to media hype”. “This game is just déjàvu, if you played other GTA’s you already played it” he continued and only got to the point where he met Trevor before dumping the game. “I don’t enjoy endless repetitions of driving from point A to point B broken up by the occasional shooting bit” said colmshan1990, who further went on to describe it as similar to a blockbuster movie – “big, loud and ultimately hollow”.


Elsewhere, comments were as lengthy as they were kind. 3shirts believes that the game genuinely lived up to the hype, with the protagonist system being a particularly genius move, as they offered individual stories which came together, much in the same way as the individual parts of the landscape created the “perfect” world map.

“I loved GTA V, one of the best games I’ve played on any gen of console” said Cron_13, praising the attention to detail in particular, while McProley loved it but didn’t feel as though it lived up to San Andreas or Vice City. Parryman pointed out the value for money – he has “had hours of fun and still have lots to do in game” after picking it up just before Christmas for £27. BLAGGER hasn’t put another disc in his PS3 since September 17th and describes is as “like watching a box set series in the sense of how I feel immersed with the characters and world that Rockstar has provided”.

Bunimomike shared the above photo and stated:

“The lighting in the game is so good I can’t quite believe other games have been so terrible this generation. I know the budget for development was huge but, still, it’s stunning! Seeing the shadow of the Titan flying above, wrap over the buildings around you and couple that with the thunderous roar of the engines is something to behold.”

Jag “was stunned by the improvement in gunplay and driving over the previous 3D games” though felt disappointed with the lack of things to do post-completion, suggesting a way to plan your own Heists as a possible feature. For ron_mcphatty it was “the brilliant and hilarious acting” along with the “wonderfully lively world and fun physics” that made the game so good, but sabbat7001 found enjoyment in exploring rather than doing the missions.

There “was nowhere near enough ghetto/gangbanging shit” says tactical20 as I take his quote a bit out of context. He said this should’ve been more prominent due to the LA setting and ultimately thinks he prefers the gameplay of GTA IV.

Multiplayer was also lauded, although issues found with connectivity and lack of features were among the comments too. “The online is one of the best I have come across, even more enjoyable when playing with friends.” said Moonpie, but there wasn’t enough co-operative features “to keep us interested as a group”. Meanwhile bigchrissyc called it a “strong point” and would still be playing it a lot if there wasn’t a PS4 shaped object in the way.

It was cam_manutd however who described the multiplayer as “an unrealised pot of potential” due to the way it handles free roam and death matches. Youles wasn’t happy either – “the in-game market has been destroyed by the ridiculous amount of glitches that Rockstar didn’t plug” as he had a bit of a rant about it all.

It was bunimomike who seemed most enamoured with GTA Online, and he said that the “sheer nonsense we got up to was stunning”, such as “Trying everything silly that the game would allow. Packing the train tracks with vehicles (aircraft, etc) to see what happens when the train hits. Air-lifting coaches onto the tallest buildings and driving them off. Stealing tanks from the military base. Trying to land small planes on big planes (whilst still flying!).”

Overall, it seems GTA V was very much a success. There were some people who didn’t enjoy the game, or just parts of it at least, but the community response was very positive. This means that while there was only one Avoid It and one Bargain Bin It rating, with fifteen going to Buy It.

[drop2]That was a long one. We’ve got Saints Row IV coming up next week, which should provide an interesting contrast. That means Dust 514 drops off the list alongside it, and the two new entries into the voting system are Diablo III and Rayman Legends. So use the form to the right, and get voting for what you want to see next week!



  1. That was a good read. Found it interesting hearing what people had to say about the multiplayer element as I never got to try it for myself. It’ll be interesting where R* go from here, and whether they re-release on next gen systems – if they are going to release a PC version I’d be really surprised if they don’t announce a next gen port as well.

    As for the voting I’ve gone for Diablo III. With it coming to PS4 soon it’d be an interesting read.

  2. GTAV was only bested by The Last of Us for me last year. I loved every minute of the story mode. The multiplayer was fun to begin with, but it became stale very fast.

  3. I’m still enjoying the odd session of GTA online and am looking forward to the update where Heists are included.

  4. hated it myself, overly repetitive, felt nothing for Trevor and Franklin so found it very hard to play as them.

    I’m a fair few hours in and am not gripped by either the story, characters or free roam.

    Big disappointment for me :(

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