Sony Site Shows Online Mode For inFamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch hasn’t confirmed or denied the presence of multiplayer in Second Son. Despite being only a couple of months away from the game’s much anticipated release, we don’t know if it’ll have nothing but single player mode, online multiplayer or something similar to inFamous 2’s user generated content.

We still don’t know for sure, but the listing for the game on PlayStation’s Japanese website has dropped a bit of a hint. Tucked away, with the game’s other important information like developer and price, there’s the following Japanese text: オンライン:対応


That Japanese, according to Google Translate, means “Online: correspondence” which doesn’t make much sense. However, the part that means “correspondence” also means “support”. So the Japanese text appears to say that online is supported in inFamous: Second Son.

That still doesn’t tell us whether its some previously unannounced multiplayer mode or whether it might be a system similar to inFamous 2’s player-created missions. That listing is not there for single player games with no online component though, like Knack. So it’s reasonable to assume that it isn’t referring to sharing options or anything as sneaky as that. The same info panel also lists the number of players as “1” but don’t let that sway you – it says the same about Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Source: via DualShockers



  1. Or maybe just a line you can call if you get stuck somewhere in the game? Just like in the good old days before t’internet.

  2. 対応 (taiou) in this context is a computer terminology word. It means “software support, ability for a computer system to run specific software.” Or, as you say, “support”.

    “Onlain: Taiou” therefore basically means “Online: Supported”

    Second Son has some sort of online mode. Co-op horde mode? Whatever. There’s something afoot.

    • I thought about asking my more reliable Japanese-English internet translation source (Kovacs Translate) but didn’t want to bother you on a school day!

      • I work in the game industry. There’s no such thing as a school day.

  3. I just heard someone at the back of the room shout “Tacked on online mode!”. Who shouted that?

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