DriveClub Likely To Arrive In The Summer & The Order 1886 In Autumn

The launch date of DriveClub has been anticapted for a while ever since it was delayed just before the PS4 released, with the game having to be replaced on Plus by Contrast. Ever since that delay there have been rumours of when DriveClub would park itself on the PS4, with the Japanese launch on February 22nd being touted as the date. However that was denied by SCEJA with game being set to a pending status. Now a release date in summer could happen could be close to being confirmed after Fergal Gara, Sony’s UK Managing Director, talking about upcoming PS4 games at this morning’s PS Vita Slim reveal.

“Things kick off again in a short few weeks with the launch of infamous Second Son, another great first party title starting to push the boundaries of what PS4 can do. We have Driveclub, again coming from our first party studios, and we have The Order 1886 coming later in the year. So that’s just a flavour of what our own studios are bringing out this year.”

A summer release does match the rumour of a June release date that was given by OPM Italy’s Facebook page. The Order 1886 soon following at some point in Autumn matches the statements made on Twitter by Sony Santa Monica and Ready At Dawn bosses talked about being excited about seeing the results in Fall.

Source: OPM



  1. I’m looking forward to both, DriveClub is looking more impressive with every tidbit they show of it and The Order looks great too although we don’t know a whole lot about the gameplay yet.
    At least next month or so the new game releases should become more frequent so we should have plenty to keep us busy until these two arrive.

  2. DriveClub is becoming the new GT5, I just hope it lives up to the expectations!

    • It is! These delays dont seem good, not at the start of the consoles life.

  3. Just how buggy/under developed was DriveClub if it needed another 7 months of development?

    • Folk seem to be expecting DriveClub to be the dogs bo***cks so Evolution Studios will not want to disappoint.

    • My guess is Sony are now looking for the right time to release it. With Infamous out in March, they are probably thinking it would make sense to release an exclusive over the summer months.
      If Forza 5 is anything to go by, I would much prefer they release DriveClub when it is ready, rather than rushing the game to market for the sake of it.

  4. I really hope they pull it off but I am becoming a little dispondant at all the games that were due near release that have been pushed back. It seems loads of titles are being delayed and many of them I am genuinely excited about.

    • Agreed, early adopting is great and all but all the games I brought my console for (besides Battlefield) have been delayed by such a long time I could have been content waiting a few more months. It’s a shame they waited until the console was released before announcing all of the delays.

      Thankfully still have our Trusty PS3’s until then. Right back to achieving the Platinum for Lego marvel. :)

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