PlayStation Mobile App Updated, Now Includes Live Video Streams

The PlayStation app has been updated on both Android and iOS and you can now watch live game streams on your phone or tablet.

It’s a bit of a half arsed attempt to be honest as clicking on TwitchTV stream will open up the web browser and access the TwitchTv website, rather than the video playing in the PlayStation app. Ustream feeds are said to run in the app but I have not been able to test this yet.

I have included a couple of screens I have just snapped to show the quality of the feed which ranges from “Quite good” to “That bloke is smoking something suspicious, and is it me or is he not wearing any pants?”

Source: Engadget


  1. Cool, Forgotten about this app to be honest….

    • I use it for when I’m at home and wanna know who’s online without firing up the PS4. It’s quite handy, but I have to remember to turn wifi off on my phone or it wakes the PS4 up. Most likely as its on the same wifi connection I guess.

      • The update has fixed this, so it should no longer wake the ps4 up!

      • Ahh, cool. I’ll check it out later.

  2. I noticed this last night and presses on a stream and it took me to twitch,not as strange as what is broadcasting on Live On PlayStation at the moment in U Stream,Two Japanese girls in maids outfits in a tiny room eating some noodles an old guy fetched in from a massive room beyond the door while another guy peeked round the door very strange.

    • I saw that too! Bet you didn’t notice the Ninja hiding behind the couch!

      • Lol no I missed him,but then again he is a ninja! ;)

      • Sorry was having a few issues with that post,can someone please remove the duplicates.

      • Yeah, I didn’t see him either. I’m not gonna lie to yer but I may have made the whole thing up. :)

  3. I’m more impressed that you found someone playing “Don’t starve”.

  4. Ustream feeds also take you to the website.

    I thought they could have at least got the twitch feed to open in the twitch app (if you have it).

    • Twitch streams first time gave me the option to play in Twitch App or Chrome – chose Twitch and it worked fine. (NB: Android and there was a Twitch update too). Ustream stuff plays in app for me.

  5. Just tried it and Ustream also opens a browser page. Seems a bit of an unneccessary step when i can get viewing quicker with either the Twitch or Ustream apps.

    • Works fine for me on Android. Twitch stuff goes to Twitch App, Ustream plays in PS App.

  6. Nice! Sounds good to me :-)

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