Ethan Meteor Hunter PS Vita Is Crossbuy, PS3 Version Half Price This Week

This week finds a PlayStation 3 demo of Ethan: Meteor Hunter landing on the store with the full game having its price slashed in half if you are PS+ member, those who are not get 30% off.

The PS Vita version of the game will be available “very soon” and it will be cross-buy, so if you pick up the half price PS3 version (which by my calculations should cost plussers £3.99) you get the Vita game for free.

“We’re really glad with this Vita version of Ethan: Meteor Hunter,” said Olivier Penot, producer & co-founder at Seaven Studio. “The touch screen just made sense with the telekinesia feature. This is something players asked for and we listened, this is really a community release!”

The game, which has been described as “when Super Meat Boy meets Braid”, will also be available on Steam this Friday with a demo and a 20% launch discount.

Source: Press Release


  1. Might get this, a Vita version for £3.99 is tempting.

  2. That does look rather good. Cross buy too which is a bonus.

  3. Sold!

  4. This looks like a cracking little game. Should look great on the Vita. I loves my platformers i do!!

  5. They’ve screwed up the PS+ price. It’s £4.47. Looks like what they’ve done is take 30% off for everyone, and then take another 20% off the discounted price for PS+. Instead of taking 50% off the full price. Which all works out as a 44% discount.

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