Leaked March PS Plus Content Suggests Dead Nation For PS4, Tomb Raider PS3

Last month, before Sony confirmed the Instant Game Collection content for February, GamePointsNow leaked the content. We thought it was too good to be true, but it turned out they were right, which gives some credence to their latest claims.

Those are that yet another Housemarque title, in the form of Dead Nation, will be arriving on PS4 next month, straight onto PS+ as with their last title, Resogun. The game hasn’t been confirmed for a PS4 release yet, but the developers did hint at it several months back, in a promotional video for Resogun.


And, on the back of the PS4 version, it seems as though Tomb Raider might arrive on the PS3 front, alongside Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, which went very cheap in the recent January sale anyway. Those both seem as though they could be likely candidates.

On Vita, we could see two smaller downloadable titles in the form of Smart As and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD, a remake of the PSP game.

We’re happy with this list, as long as it works well for our Plus Point Challenge feature. Speaking of which, don’t forget to enter our Don’t Starve caption competition to rise up the TSA leaderboards and be in with the chance of winning a £10 PSN voucher just for taking part.



  1. Ooh, dead nation will lend itself very well indeed to the plus points challenge!
    Good line up there, I really want to buy tomb raider on ps4 but I just know it’ll come to ps+ at some point in the future!

  2. Silly question but is the PS4 tomb raider also upgradable (£10 upgrade) from the PS3 version. This would be perfect if it was. Think of how many people would get the PS3 version on Plus then upgrade to PS4 for £10 (ME, I would….)

    • As far as I am aware, no. The upgrade offers are only around on a small election of launch titles at the moment.

      • Didn’t offer that expire for other games at the end of January? The game didn’t include Tomb raider any way.

  3. Expected Tomb Raider to come along some time or another in the next few months. Yet another game to add to the summer play list. Vita line up seems good. I’m not too fussed about Smart As, but PixelJunk Monsters will be a great game to play on the go.

  4. Weak Vita line up, but seeing as I`m Still on Uncharted Golden Abyss, which was one of the first Plus giveaways I have no problem with that.

  5. Was thinking getting tomb raider recently as heard it was very good. Downloaded the Brothers demo but hadn’t got to playing it yet, so glad I didn’t get it in the sale if it does go on plus, although was a good price.

  6. Tomb Raider is cool, another one for my backlog. I loved Dead Nation, couldn’t stop before platinum, so I probably won’t touch this, got more than enough to play.

  7. Not a bad line up, but probably one of the worst for me personally.

    I’m yet to platinum dead nation on ps3, plan on getting the tomb raider complete edition on ps4, bought brothers: a tale of two sons in the sale and still don’t own a vita yet!

  8. Dead Nation would be awesome. Loved the co-op with Kitch on the ps3. Happy days if so.

    • Indeed flower. This time we’ll be able to chat better. Funny times.

  9. Literally completed Tomb Raider on PS4 yesterday. Typical! Still well worth the £35 I paid for the prettier version.

    Dead Nation would be great, also wonder how different it will be…

  10. Already played Tomb Raider but that’s ok. Thoroughly recommend it. Excellent game in my opinion. Different from the originals but still great nonetheless. Fingers crossed its included so those who weren’t able to experience it before are now for free.

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