Leaked March PS Plus Content Suggests Dead Nation For PS4, Tomb Raider PS3

Last month, before Sony confirmed the Instant Game Collection content for February, GamePointsNow leaked the content. We thought it was too good to be true, but it turned out they were right, which gives some credence to their latest claims.

Those are that yet another Housemarque title, in the form of Dead Nation, will be arriving on PS4 next month, straight onto PS+ as with their last title, Resogun. The game hasn’t been confirmed for a PS4 release yet, but the developers did hint at it several months back, in a promotional video for Resogun.


And, on the back of the PS4 version, it seems as though Tomb Raider might arrive on the PS3 front, alongside Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, which went very cheap in the recent January sale anyway. Those both seem as though they could be likely candidates.

On Vita, we could see two smaller downloadable titles in the form of Smart As and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD, a remake of the PSP game.

We’re happy with this list, as long as it works well for our Plus Point Challenge feature. Speaking of which, don’t forget to enter our Don’t Starve caption competition to rise up the TSA leaderboards and be in with the chance of winning a £10 PSN voucher just for taking part.



  1. Pretty weak Vita line up. Dead Nation is great on PS3 so PS4 owners should be reasonably happy.

  2. Surprised to see Tomb Raider as you would think it would hurt sales of the new one for those who still have a PS3. It’s essentially the same game, just looks a bit prettier on PS4.

    I have Dead Nation on PS3 thanks to the hacking fiasco of a few years ago. Never played it though, so would give the PS4 version a try.

    • For me, I’d just be annoyed I wasn’t getting the best experience and buy the PS4 version after playing an hour or two to see if I liked it!

      • I had given up hope that Tomb Raider would come to PS+ what with the PS4 release. I know the next gen will be better but by how much? I don’t think I’ll be able to sot myself playing the PS3 version, if money is tight (which it is for me) is it worth saving the pennies and getting this on PS4 – when I get one..?

    • Not sure the PS3 sales of Tomb Raider will even register a blip. The price hasn’t changed much from last month so it appearing on PS+ is great news.

      Personally, that’s a great line-up. I’ve played them all but, damn, a lovely line-up regardless.

  3. Poor month for me as I own all those games in one form or another, but after the fantastic offerings last month I can’t complain!

  4. Haven’t got round to playing tomb raider yet, so that will make a nice addition to my ever growing backlog.

  5. Quite disappointing I was hoping for Octodad. Is it the end of match though?

    • March, fella. Not sure how that’ll be on PS+ unless it’s been confirmed? That might be hoping for too much.

      • It hasn’t been confirmed. I was being optimistic. I hope it’ll be under £10 anyway. Of it is I’m in. Three kids have pestered me since I’ve told them about it. :)

      • *the *if

      • You’re right. They’re aiming for end of March but it might be sooner/later.

      • Oops only just realised I did mean March. I was on the way into cinema.

      • it should be £11.99

  6. I’ve just received a rental copy of TombRaider on PS3 so at the very least it’ll save me the HD space as I won’t need to download the Plus version.
    I’ve already played Dead Nation on PS3 but it’ll be great to get it for free on PS4.

  7. Loved dead nation but never completed it on PS3 so would love another go at it on PS4. Hope there’s a Dead nation 2 later this year too!

  8. Fine with me. Probably won’t play Tomb Raider (already completed on PC) but nice to have it. Who knows, still might, did start Infinite again despite completing on PC.

  9. I loved Dead Nation on PS3 so it will be interesting to see how the PS4 version differs, if at all.

  10. Thanks for the reminder for the Plus comp as I had forgotten about it.

    • Sort it out! Get entering! Lol.

      • When’s the closing date??

      • I’ve just signed up to twitter and have no clue what I’m doing. I’m following TSA but can’t see any pictures regarding the comp. is there anyway to see the pictures without following every individual who has tweeted them?

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