Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Announcement Trailer

Well it looks like Amazon did jump the gun with their listing of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark but it’s not quite what I was expecting.


It seems to be a mash up of the Cybertron universe and the Bayformer universe, which frankly is quite bonkers as the two are quite separate. It does seem to be using the characters and assets from Cybertron but there is no High Moon logo so who is developing the game is somewhat of a mystery.

UPDATE: The chaps at Seibertron have a bit more info, the game is a mash up of the two universes and will feature both campaign and online modes, including escalation. Weapons and stats will carry through from multiplayer to campaign and vice versa.

As the bots were seen leaving Cybertron at the end of Fall, and this game is obviously set on that planet, then they are either going to have to retcon in the story or just pretend War and Fall do not exist. Either way, it’s a bit of kick in the teeth for High Moon and still does not make any sense, the official Transformers bible links the Cyberton series to the Animated series, not the Movieverse.

TFW2005 report that the game will be “Prime vs Prime, Grimlock vs Grimlock, Earth vs Cybertron, Bumblebee vs Bumblebee”, which, erm, well… oh dear.

Expect a full reveal on Monday, thankfully I am on holiday so won’t be around to quietly sob at the back of the TSA office.

UPDATE #2: The developer is Edge of Reality, famous for porting Mass Effect to the Wii U and, well, that’s about it.

Source: YouTube / TFW2005 / Seibertron



  1. Well that’s confusing… And Grimlock doesn’t look like that!

    • Yes he does – that’s Bayformer Grimlock from the new movie, along with Bayformer Prime and Bumblebee. But Cybertron Soundwave, Shockwave and Laserbeak who are actually dead in the Bayformer universe.

      Doesn’t make sense at all.

      • I’ll rephrase that – Grimlock shouldn’t look like that – though I’m willing to give the new film the tiniest chance to be alright.

        It all sounds like cobblers, and the movie versions have very little character when compared to the ‘proper’ characters.

    • I can’t see High Noon’s name on it anywhere either, so I’m not sure whether its a follow up to War/Fall of Cybertron or not.

    • The trailer has that look of clips taken from distinctly different games edited together, usually fake but in this case not. Very weird, I’m not sure I like it, there’s no need to dilute High Noon’s excellent Atari inspired style with the movie tie-in pap.

  2. Why can’t they just make a Transformers game where you play as Grimlock the whole time? The bit in FOC where you played as him was frigging AWESOME.

  3. with the updated info, it sounds like some sort of arena based game.
    i can’t say i like the sound of that.

    i can get behind using different versions of the characters for multiplayer, but how’s that going to work in a campaign mode?

    unless they take a MK vs DC route and have a sort of universes meet type dealy.

    which could be very cool actually.

    i think somebody did a comic like that once, Dreamwave i think, before they closed down.
    it featured most of the TF continuities meeting up.
    like a TF version of DC’s multiverse.

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