PlayStation 4 Mandatory Firmware 1.61 Out Now

This is just a quick note to let you know that your PS4 is going to run an update. Firmware 1.61 is out now, it’s mandatory so there’s no way to avoid it if you want to take your console online.

Hopefully, if you leave your PS4 in standby mode, it will have already downloaded next time you switch on. If that’s the case, you’ll get a notification telling you it’s ready and from there you’ll just need to let it install.


Ostensibly, this is a minor firmware update that provides system stability enhancements but we often used to find some additional very minor changes in similar updates to the PlayStation 3 so let us know in the comments below if you spot anything new.

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  1. You can now mute your camera! So happy no awkwardness

    • really? This is great news!

    • That was in the 1.60 update.

      • No it wasn’t, it just came with this new update, read the notes it says so

      • @Taylor Made, it was part of the 1.60 update.

      • already can do this on the last update.

      • Oh right ok, it’s the first time am seeing the option to do so & it wasn’t there before the new update, was even listed as part of the update but good news either way

  2. Has it fixed the trophy sync error? I’m really getting p!ssed with them not syncing.

    • yeah i know, can’t remeber the last time my trophies synced successfully!

    • Hi,
      I also had big problems with the trophy sync.
      I found out that Contrast was the issue.
      I ran a system check an needed to start Contrast again, (I finished the game with all trophies) then close it.
      After that the Trophys synced again.
      Maybe this helps you…

  3. Dualshock Light Dimming? (The new cross-game chat)

  4. You know as you update the console you can view the update log before you install phase.

  5. Aw dammit! I wanted to play some Tomb Raider over remote play at my girlfriends house tonight but now I won’t be able to. D: Wish at the very least these updates would install automatically. >.<

  6. Not able to download it right away as I have no Wifi where I am until tomorrow, but any stability improvements are okay with me! I don’t suppose anyone knows anything of the suspend/resume features we’re long overdue?

    • On a side-note, what an avatar!

  7. At last… This update appears to have added support for resume DVD / blu-ray playback from where you left off.
    Hasn’t fixed playback when charging a mobile device though: error CE-35486-6.

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