Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars Sequel Gets Renamed to Rocket League


The much delayed sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars has been renamed. It’s now known as Rocket League, and an alpha is set to begin on 27th February via Steam on PC and Mac which you can sign up for here.


The reason for the name change is to make it a bit easier to talk about, as the original game’s title is undeniably a bit of a mouthful. According to Psyonix-Dave on the dev’s official forums, the Rocket League is what players in the first game were competing in, so there’s your in-game explanation.

If Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars slipped by you on release in 2008/2009, the easiest way to describe it is football (soccer, if you prefer) in cars that are fitted with jump jets and rockets for boosting. If you want an idea of the game you can watch some of this community montage that was made from 100 SARPBC players’ clips. Or watch it all if you have 40 minutes free and nothing to do, that’s fine too. You can also read our five year old review here

It was frantic fun, particularly in multiplayer, and while it is exclusive to PS3 the sequel is coming to Steam for Windows and OSx in addition to its console ports. Though we do not know which other platforms it will be releasing on as of yet, the PS4 has been vaguely implied as we mentioned when we last reported on it six months ago.

Source: Psyonix



  1. What’s wrong with Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars 2?

    • It makes our headlines too long. That’s why they did it. For us.

    • “Hey dude, have you played Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powereofjaodsiguk”

      “Hey dude, have you played Rocket League?”

      I mean, I have a little bit a speech impediment but I don’t think it’s just me…even the dev seems to agree.

      • What…exactly has happened to my avatar!?

      • It’s a reflection of your true self, like a persona.

      • It’s scarily accurate.

  2. I love this game! Really looking forward to this coming to PS4. At least I hope it does..

  3. This game is still awesome. Play local multiplayer with friends quite often. Looking forward to the sequel big time.

  4. The 4 player split screen is awesome. We’ve (my housemates and I) have ended up calling it “car football” instead of the long winded real name, so I’m welcoming the name change.

  5. Could be great, but it needs to do something new and not just be the same game with a new lick of paint.

    • Last time we reported on it, the dev listed some new features: ” in-game tournament support, dedicated servers, and better matchmaking. More interesting is the addition of mutators, allowing players to adjust certain aspects such as the ball’s shape and size to deliver some truly crazy combinations.”

      • Tournaments and mutators sound like good additions. I want weapons and crazy levels too.

      • Sounds interesting, cheers. Such a good party game with mates round, hope it doesn’t take too long to come out on consoles.

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