WeView: Rayman Legends

With the game having just been re-released on PS4 and Xbox One, it seems as though right about now makes perfect timing for Rayman Legends to crop up in WeView. The sidescrolling platformer, a sequel to 2011’s Origins, was originally billed as a Wii U exclusive and set for release in early 2013, before being delayed to accommodate for release on more platforms, including PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita.

Essentially, Legends took the brilliant platforming formula of Origins and added some visual flare with 3D elements and stunning parallax backgrounds, as well as new gameplay features. A really solid platformer then, and one which exudes charm throughout.


I personally loved the art style too, which evolved from the rather simple but wonderful 2D cartoon style of its predecessor into something resembling a moving painting, which tied into the subject matter of the game perfectly.

There’s tons of content, and it’s always fun, leaving you wanting more. From the back to Origins levels, to twisted invasion and time attacks alongside the brilliant and strange musical levels, which blurred the lines between platformer and rhythm game.

Peter reviewed the Ubisoft sequel, keeping it short and sweet and concluding with:

Rayman Legends doesn’t need a thousand words of explanation and assessment. It’s not a weighty, narrative driven game that will make you postulate meanings or attribute deep allegorical intentions. This is a game about not thinking, it’s a game about letting go and just enjoying the colours and sounds and swirling, bouncing happiness that’s taking up your screen. You’ll have to practice elements, you’ll need to learn locations of hidden areas and timings of jump sequences to progress. But you’ll certainly never be bored.

It was clear that this was always an experience built for the Wii U at its heart though – with crisper visuals which rival the recently released next generation versions, some GamePad exclusive touch features and an extra set of levels involving control of the character Murfy, but that shouldn’t take away from the other versions.

In fact, it’s more than likely that you’ve played the game on a more popular console than Nintendo’s, or perhaps even on the handheld PS Vita, but whatever the case, we’d like to hear your thoughts.

So, leave a comment below letting us know what you think of Rayman Legends, as per usual. We’ll round them all up next week, providing you gets your comments in by Sunday. Remember to add a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating on the end, too.



  1. A big improvement over the already wonderful Origins. It’s actually easier, in some ways. To get through the main game is easier anyway. Once you’ve done that, going back and getting everything gets a lot more challenging.

    And once you’ve unlocked the final extra world, you’re in big trouble. The musical levels are just enormously fun to play, but the 8-bit versions? They’ll drive you mad. And you’ll keep trying to beat them.

    But there’s nothing unfair in the game. If you die, it’s your own fault, try again, you’ll get there in the end. (Except for those 8-bit levels, obviously. They’re just evil and deliberately do horrible, unfair things to you. And make you start right from the beginning when you screw it up!)

    The invasion levels can get a bit annoying too. But these are extra things you don’t have to do. They should be a challenge. If you want to have dozens of attempts at getting a single, 40 second chunk of a game perfect, they’re ideal. And quite rewarding when you do get it right after all those attempts.

    The whole game looks and sounds gorgeous, and there’s far too much to do. If you don’t want to do all the extra bits, and play the same levels over and over again, it might be disappointingly short and easy. But it’s a game designed to be fully explored. And you get two games for the price of one. Sort of.

    Buy it. Obviously. (So obvious, I forgot to buy it until it was on sale over christmas ;) Or if you’re not convinced, play the demo. Don’t worry about the normal levels, just go straight to the Castle Rock level. I defy anyone to not experience Rayman’s unique take on Black Betty and then not want the full game.

    Still looking forward to what they can do with the same graphics engine in that RPG. Whatever it’s called.

  2. This is THE game that got my girlfriend back into gaming.
    The last game that she remembers enjoying was Medievil.
    As she moved in I got her to try Journey – which she loved… but it was Rayman (Origins and then) Legends on the Vita that really worked for her.

    As with Origins, this is a perfect match for the Vita’s beautiful screen – this time even more so – and utilising so many of the Vita’s features (touch and gyroscopic). It is without question the ultimate version of the game, and at under £20 is well worth a purchase.

    The music/rhythm levels are an absolute joy to play, the visuals are sublime, and the backing music for the underwater levels represents a charming ear-worm.
    However… as the difficulty ramped up, I found the Vita offered to me on an ever more increasing frequency for ‘help’… she’s not that far from the end, but the difficulty seems to be asking more than someone who took a 15 year break from gaming can muster.

    …and then there’s the 8-bit music levels… these hurt me… but like some strange Stockholm syndrome, I love them more than any of the other levels for the sheer sense of challenge: http://youtu.be/InS9ytB7oRc don’t adjust your internet provider – this is the evilness that the game throws your way!

    BUY IT… and if you don’t have a Vita, buy a Vita so that you can BUY IT.

  3. …oh, and the daily/weekly challenges are brilliant endless value for money!

    • And the 8-bit stages aren’t endless value for money? I might actually die of old age before I can finish that bloody Dragon slayer one.

      • 8-bit Dragon Slayer is considered a form of torture alongside water-boarding and chinese burns.

      • The 8 bit granny one is ace tho on the Vita I still never see what I’m doing at the end compared to the console version.

        Getting them don is well worth it.

        Key for me doing he 8 bit is to play the normal music levels to death then swap over.

      • @sparky That was my strategy too, and it made the 8 bit Living Dead party levels far easier to navigate. Play a normal Musical level a few times to get a feel for it and to memorise some of the more tricky jumps then do the 8 bit level. To be fair I didn’t find any of the 8 bit levels too bad at all, I actually found some of the Invasion levels more difficult.

        On a we view front I’d say definately buy it, especially with some of the bargain prices that people are mentioning. Cracking game, very entertaining and fun, make sure though that you don’t have earning the platinum trophy as a main aim, that could take up to six months if you are still with it by then!

  4. I’ve bought it on Vita and on and on Ps4. I think it’s a great game to play on your own and with the kids. It’s a really fun game. You will play it with a smile on your face.
    So it’s totally and utterly 100% buy it from me.

  5. Although it failed to amaze me as Origins did (it was pretty perfect right), this sequel is as worth it as the Original.
    I played it on the Vita, so if you have one and like to play on the go then Bargain Bin it. However, if I hadn’t played it yet, I would probably go for the PS4 version; I didn’t quite enjoy the touchscreen bits on the Vita.

  6. I have it on the Vita, fantastic fun to play, I highly recommend it.
    The only complaints I have are getting a platinum medal on an online challenge is crazy hard and 8 bit Dragon slayer as mentioned above by other people. It’s ridiculous when you get near the end of that level, as you can’t see what the hell is going on, there’s just a blurry mess, so death is pretty much inevitable. I would guess these 8 bit levels would be easier on the console version as you have a big TV screen, but I could be wrong.

    But despite these issues, this games rocks, and I’m tempted to pick it up on the PS4 as well so I can enjoy it all over again in multiplayer with friends. Some brilliant game play in there and dare I say it, it’s even better than Rayman Origins.

  7. I’ve just bought this (PS4 version) for £22 from Amazon, so a heads-up if anyone else is looking to get the game cheap.

  8. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Oh yes and buy it. A truly exceptional platformer that out-Marios Mario (fairly sure that’s already been said though). I’m at about 90% of the Teensies but last ones are proving truly very difficult. I’ve been trying to spend a bit of time away from it now as spending around 30mins on one timed level and achieving nothing can be a little soul destroying but that’s not a criticism of the learning curve which is almost perfect. I say almost as it seems to get a bit steep towards the end.

    Any game that has me watching and playing the end credits for about ten minutes must be doing something right. I haven’t played a game to death like this one since the days of bruce lee and dizzy on the speccy when money was a big object and you got about two or three games a year (if that) so really had to make the most of them (no save option always helped extend the lifespan of a game).

    Anyway in summary…..BUY IT!

  9. I own this game on vita, ps3 & soon PS4, thanks to Mr Jones heads up on the £22.

    Me & my girlfriend play this a lot, the fact that there is a female character made her very happy since origins didn’t have one. As for the vita version I took a dislike to it due to touch screen elements.

    Buy it on every console u own

  10. After asking the podcast whether to go for Vita or PS4 version, they recommended Vita if I commute which I do.

    It arrived yesterday so I’m only 1.5 to 2 hours in, but so far I’m loving it. It builds on the strong base of Origins with the same beautiful graphics and tight controls. A difficulty level that is challenging while not punishing. Finishing with gold level luminaries and all blue guys requires that extra effort and adds a degree of replayability.

    Definite a BUY IT!

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