Are Team Ninja Working On A PlayStation 4 Exclusive?

Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden chappies, Team Ninja, are working on a PlayStation 4 exclusive title if an interview – and the very shaky abilities of Google translate – are correct.

The interview is a few weeks old but Team Ninja team leader, Yosuke Hayashi, talks about Ninja Gaiden Z Yaiba before revealing, “In addition, because we are also developing PS4 Title internally, to enjoy the information in the future!”

Of course this could be a load of camel droppings, Google Translate is less than accurate as demonstrated in another interview on the same page with Tecmo Koei’s Kenichi Ogasawara.

“PS4 Edition “Nobunaga’s Ambition and creativity”, is released simultaneously with the body! Thank you! Please come and enjoy the slimy feeling of 60fps and fineness of full HD,” he almost certainly did not say.

Source: DengekiOnline



  1. Love the nice slimy feeling of 60fps.

  2. Didn’t they make Heavenly Sword? Wouldn’t be too unrealistic to have another game released with a film on its way.

    • No that was Ninja Theory

      • Not to be confused with the Ninja Fairy either who kidnaps Ninja who vulnerably fall asleep under their pillows before shortly being replaced with shiny gold coins. On that note… It’s lunch time.

      • Ah right, I keep mixing them up. Thanks. But no Heavenly Sword or Enslaved, means my interest is gone.

    • lol <.<

  3. Another Enslaved would be fantastic. A much overlooked game

  4. Dead or Alive Extreme 3? Would suit the slimy part!

  5. Okay, It looks like we all want Ninja Theory games and not Team Ninja.

    • But then what would the boob-bounce physics coders from DOA do?

      • Im sure there is work out there for a guy/gal that can make realistic virtual boobs.

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