CounterSpy Slinks Onto The PS4 With A New Trailer

Previously announced for PS3, PS Vita, iOS and Android, it the team behind CounterSpy have been rather quiet of late. But it was ever-so-slightly inevitable that the game would be making its way to PS4 as well, as has been announced today and as part of Sony’s grand push for indie games to reach all of their current platforms.

CounterSpy drops you right into middle of the Cold War, with you playing a spy trying to avert the outbreak of a nuclear war by sneaking into procedurally generated bases and hacking terminals or taking out guards. What’s particularly eye-catching is the art style, which just feels so perfectly evocative of the 60s and the Cold War era. It’s very pretty.


What we don’t really know is how it will play, and that’s going to be very interesting to see, given how they are launching on both consoles and touch-based devices. It’s all going to come together quite soon, though, with a rough launch window set for this summer.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Ooo, that looks promising. More, please. Game-play, please! :-)

  2. Looks great. If the gameplay is not too bad is a Vita day one for me.

  3. They absolutely smashed that music! Spot on for a spy game.

    • Damn right! And I love that 60’s style credits etc. I will have to buy this just because it looks and sounds so great!

  4. Definitely a day one purchase for me!

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