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inFamous Second Son Lights Up With A Million Sales In 9 Days

In just nine days, a million PS4 owners bought inFamous Second Son. From the 21st of March until the 30th, the game managed to reach this amount, according to a press release sent out by Sony Australia.

They’ve released a video to celebrate this fact, which you can see above. It’s live-action and sees Delsin delivering PS4s to Australian sports people. Apparently Delsin’s a courier now – wasn’t that Cole’s job?

These impressive sales make it the fastest selling inFamous game yet. In the UK, it reached the top of the charts and held the number one spot for two weeks running, before dropping down to sixth place this week. It should be interesting to see whether it can hold sales with a limited install base – The Last of Us notably was at number one for six weeks.

Source: Sony Australia, via CVG


  1. Well done, will ne interesting to see how it compares to the other 2 games in the long run. Its shorter length might be its downfall as people trade their copy in faster. I’ve almost platted it, but 3 of my friends already have, I do appreciate that theres no unnecessary grinding trophies to get.

  2. I guess it helps that there isn’t much else available on PS4.

  3. They should have made the guy in the video look slightly like Delsin….

  4. Well done for those sales though. Pretty impressive so early on in ze cycle

  5. I wonder how many of those million have already been traded in? Mine has, and I got in just in time price wise by the looks of it as the price being offered since has tumbled, suggesting that they’d had a glut of them…

  6. I got the game on release day for £40 – Platinummed it and traded it in for £35. The powers were good, the story let it down. It was too repetitive and not long enough in my eyes, which is a shame as I was really looking forward to it.

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