Mercenary Kings Looks Like It Will Be Blasting On To Vita

Mercenary Kings is the current PS Plus offering on PlayStation 4, and though I’ve got it on my hard drive I’m yet to play it. From what I understand it is like an old school 2D shoot em up, and now Tribute Games is looking to bring that experience to the Vita. This news comes via Destructoid who have been given this information at PAX East. While the studio is yet to confirm this information more publicly, it is reported that the game will be cross buy.

There’s no release date for the Vita version of Mercenary Kings, with the official stance apparently being that the game will be available as soon as it is done. I’d expect it to appear within the next few months while the game is getting so much attention; striking while the iron is hot as it were.

Source: Destructoid



  1. funny that as I’ve actually only played it on my vita via remote play! these sort of games are great on my vita but nothing I really like playing in my 60inch

    • Aye I was playing Hotline Miami on the PS3 the other day, and it looked much more suited on Vita rather than having the ugliness of the pixels reign terror on a 38 inch TV.

  2. I’ve been on the fence about buying a Vita for a while but I’m thinking of picking one up this week. One problem… Original or Slim? I can get either one for the same price but I can’t decide which to go with???

    • I’d go for the original just for the OLED screen. Looks much better than the one they put on the slim. You should be able to get one a lot cheaper then the slim too (125 from shopto). Whatever one you get though, it’s an amazing console!

      • Cheers. Can’t wait to pick one up. I have a ton of free games saved up on ps plus which should keep me busy for a while. I can get the 3g+wifi vita with a 16gb memory card and 6 games for £145. Apparently you can choose if you want the new slim version or the old OLED version. Think i’m leaning more towards the OLED version. Looks stunning.

      • I got an oled one for me lad’s Xmas pressie. I’ve been very impressed to be honest, especially with remote play.

      • I wouldn’t discount the Slim just because of the screen. It’s totally different to hold, noticeably lighter and the battery lasts at least a couple of hours longer. The LCD is also excellent, just as sharp and extremely rich, the blacks aren’t as good as the OLED but that’s the only difference that’s bothered me. Find a Slim and a Phat, hold them both, make your mind up then :)

      • The only real deciding factor for me was the 50 quid price difference a month or so ago when I bought my 3G OLED, otherwise I’d have been quite happy picking up the new slim.
        It perplexed me a little why they were launching a slimmer and cheaper Vita model that based it’s ‘lowered’ price on original phat RRP’s and not actual today street prices, it put the new model on a bit of a loser!

      • Good points Freeze, do you reckon it’s the retailers fault or Sony’s? I honestly thought the OLEDs would’ve all gone by now, but they’re still so widely available that their choking any success the Slim might’ve enjoyed! I got mine from Japan in exchange for not a lot of cash and twice yearly shipments of Galaxy chocolate to my mate Yuki. He loves Galaxy!

      • Decided to go with the original model. Should be arriving tomorrow :D

      • @ron Definately a fault of the retailers, they are the ultimate price setters and controling the market…the strategy just seemed odd to me {:O

  3. I got myself a Vita last week and it’s great for PS One and PSP games. Mercenary Kings is just too difficult for me on PS4 though, and I can’t see it being any more forgiving on the Vita!

  4. So by getting the +version on ps4 we automatically get vita too? Is it x save?

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