inFamous Second Son Patch Brings Photo Mode, Time Of Day Options Tomorrow

We first learned of this update a couple of weeks ago, where we learned that you’d be able to change the time of day upon completion of the game, as well as being able to remove the HUD to take nicer photos. But Sucker Punch have taken it one step further.

They’ll be introducing a photo mode, which you can see in action in the video below. It’s hidden away in the options menu, but once activated can be started by pressing the left stick.


This removes the HUD too, and allows you to select different editors, such as moving the camera orientation or position, or even the depth of field, for blurring your shots and creating focus. There’s also different colour grades, and it looks as though some marvellous shots could be taken.

Additionally, the patch fixes some errors in the text along with instances of crashes, and implements other fixes such as pausing the game when your controller’s battery runs out and telling you whether you’re qualified to achieve the Unstoppable trophy, so you don’t have to guess.

So, once you’ve got your hands on the update tomorrow, and if you feel like sharing to twitter, send your best shots our way to @thesixthaxis and we’ll be sure to RT some of the best ones!

Source: PS Blog



  1. Sweet, almost finished the game, so should be able to have a play!

  2. Sickness!!!

  3. The photo mode sounds great, beyond what i was expecting. I’m at the final battle (i think) so not much opportunity left until i replay it but i’m looking forward to checking out those new features.

  4. just finished this, good game but way shorter than I was expecting

    • Yeah same as, was good, shame i had completed it twice and platinumed already. traded in got me a nice £36 for it too (only paid £40)

  5. Let me take a #selfie

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