Share Your inFamous Second Son Photos With Us

It’s Easter Monday, so I hope a whole lot of you are enjoying the day off! This also means it’s quite a slow day in terms of gaming news, so let’s turn our attentions in a different direction.

With inFamous Second Son’s latest patch, they added in the new Photo Mode feature, which allows you to freeze the game world and tweak the camera settings down to the finest detail. It’s a fantastic way of showing off the game’s graphical prowess and the minute attention to detail, as well as letting you really experiment and come up with some really great photos. Here’s how it works:

So, on this, one of the laziest of Mondays, why not stick the inFamous Second Son disk into your PS4, get a little creative, and share what you can come up with?

I’ve already been playing around with this a myself:

Getting the photos off the PS4 is really quite simple, and you can export to Facebook or Twitter via the Share button. The simplest by far is to share with us via Twitter, where you just need to stick @thesixthaxis in the tweet.

It’s a little more involved on Facebook, where you’ll need to first upload it to your Facebook account, then go onto the site itself and post a message to TheSixthAxis with the photo attached.

The downsides to Twitter and Facebook is that they will add a hefty dose of compression to the image. So if you’re a stickler for the finest quality there’s the third option, which will result in the best looking images, even if it does take a little bit more effort:

  • Save the image via the Share button.
  • Send the image as a message to another PSN account. (Please, no mindless spamming, though!)
  • Use the PlayStation iOS or Android app to view these messages, tap on the image and then save it to your device.
  • From your phone or tablet, then upload it to somewhere like imgur, flickr or wherever else you fancy!
  • Simply drop a link to your images in the comments below.

I’ve already seen quite a few stunning images from the game, which really put my efforts to shame. We’ll come back to what you’ve created in a few days and highlight some of the best.



  1. So…. which lead to…

    Still looking forward to seeing what TSA’ers can do :)

    • The composition and depth of field is stunning on this one. I’m sure you noticed it. Seems to have caught the attention of pretty much everyone over there.

      It takes a stunning image for me to even consider changing my desktop wallpaper but this won me over.

  2. Lovely stuff. Looking forward to what TSA folk can do.

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