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Chaos Mode Returns To Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Infinity Ward have announced the latest addition to Call of Duty: Ghosts, as Chaos Mode is making its way to the Extinction co-op gameplay, returning from its last appearance in Modern Warfare 3. In a nice touch, it’s also free and doesn’t require any DLC.

Rather than Extinction’s regular gameplay, in which you must defend a drill against a few waves of alien enemies at a time, Chaos Mode is a non-stop onslaught of enemy waves, with your mission simply to try and live for as long as possible. The best defence seems to be a good offence here, as you will build a combo meter, unlocking perks as your multiplier reaches certain stages. There will also be periodic bonus drops, giving you a few items to help you survive that little bit longer.

Although it doesn’t require any DLC, if do have them, you’ll be able to play on the extra Extinction maps as well as make use of some map specific bonus drops.

Chaos Mode is already out on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, having been added in a patch a few days ago, but the PS3 and PS4 patch is yet to be released, with no sign of a date for its arrival. Although the blog post states that it “will be available for all systems”, a cunning little asterisk reveals this to be a barefaced lie, as the Wii U is not invited to this particular party.

As a quick aside, before handing you over to the long, long list of perks and items, PlayStation players will be able to enjoy a free weekend of access to the Onslaught DLC pack this weekend. From Friday, April 25th at 6PM BST to Monday, April 28th at 6PM BST, you’ll be able to hop on and play the four new multiplayer maps and the Mayday Extinction map.

Combo Perks (Combo Multiplier)

  • Fast Hands (10)
  • Increased Melee Damage (20)
  • Better Traps (30)
  • Gas Mask (40)
  • Sleight of Hand (50)
  • Stopping Power I (60)
  • Steady Aim (70)
  • Stalker (80)
  • Revive Protection (90)
  • Fast Health Regen (100)
  • Marathon (110)
  • More Cash (120)
  • Stopping Power II (130)
  • Agility (140)
  • Extra Health (150)
  • Feral Vision (160)

Bonus Drops

  • Combo Freeze – Freeze the combo meter momentarily for all players
  • Skill Upgrade – All players gain a Skill Point
  • Grace Period – Add 30 seconds to the grace timer
  • Self Revive – Pick yourself back up (one time use only)
  • Bonus Score
  • Bonus Cash
  • Trophy System
  • Flare
  • Hypno Knife
  • Specialist – Unlimited ammo and Feral Vision for 15 seconds, plus extra bullet damage
  • Tank – Taunt nearby Cryptids, plus 15 seconds of invulnerability
  • Engineer – Lay a stasis field that Cryptids cannot enter for 15 seconds
  • Medic – Emit an aura of healing and instant revive for 15 seconds
  • Venom-X – Default Venom-X (Nightfall and Mayday only)
  • Venom-X Fire – Fire variant of the Venom-X (Mayday only)
  • Venom-X Lightning – Lightning variant of the Venom-X (Mayday only)
  • Tesla Trap – Shock incoming Cryptids (Mayday only)
  • Hypno Trap – Turn multiple Cryptids to your side (Mayday only)
  • Stun Ammo – Stun ammo for the whole team. Persists for all guns once obtained.
  • Incendiary Ammo – Incendiary ammo for the whole team. Persists for all guns once obtained.
  • Explosive Ammo – Explosive ammo for the whole team. Persists for all guns once obtained.
  • Armor Piercing Ammo – Armor Piercing ammo for the whole team. Persists for all guns once obtained.

Source Ghosts Blog, via Polygon


  1. Nice to see some good support for Ghosts, and whilst I usually don’t like content drip-fed, it is actually giving more reason to go back and play it since it’s new content.

    Also pretty cool we can access the DLC early!

    • It’s the Onslaught DLC, fella. The one that has been out for a couple of months. It’s Devastation (?) that we’re waiting for and that the Xboxers have been enjoying.

      • Yeah cheers, I realised that later when I saw that the next one began with D (as it all spells ODIN). Silly me. ;)

  2. Wow my wife is going to suffer even more neglect soon than she does already!

    Some trophies for this would be good. Hopefully you can also earn teeth for doing this. Looking forward to a new way to play

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