Xbox Entertainment Studios Live Action Halo Series To Be Shown On TV First

In the past few weeks Microsoft have been talking up their new Xbox Entertainment Studios group which will produce original content for broadcast via their two consoles.

The jewel in the crown is to be a live action Halo series with Steven Spielberg acting as executive producer. You would think that Microsoft would keep this series for their forthcoming entertainment network, a big exclusive to draw in viewers, but apparently not.

“Xbox Entertainment Studios is deep in negotiations with Showtime to develop a live-action “Halo” drama series,” reports Variety.

The deal with Showtime has taken a long time to work out because the sides are charting new territory for a show designed to air on Showtime as well as Xbox, with enhanced interactivity built in for the latter platform. Details are still being hammered out, but sources say the plan is to have episodes bow on Showtime first, followed by the Xbox window.

The cost for producing the show will be high so it’s understandable that Microsoft are partnering with Showtime, but rather less so that the series will be available first on what is essentially a rival network.

Of course the moment the episode has been broadcast it will be on torrent sites, further damaging viewing figures for the fledgling Xbox entertainment channel.

Source: Variety


  1. oh!…..

  2. maybe showtime are having to foot a large portion of the bill for production for the first broadcast rights.

    • Yeah I would expect that is it, but that does seem a half arsed job by Microsoft then. They’re trying to launch an entertainment network to rival TV channels, netflix etc and they give away their biggest property.

  3. That’s ironic: when it comes to games they’ve got a release date parity clause, but a TV show based on a key Xbox IP gets shown first elsewhere! Ouch!

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