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Driveclub Will Feature Microtransactions, Plus All In Game Countries Confirmed

Paul Rustchynsky, game director for Driveclub, has been speaking to IGN and has confirmed that there will be microtransactions within Driveclub. These will allow players to unlock cars early, though they will be attainable for free when levelling up by acquiring Fame when completing races and challenges. Paul Rustchynsky has stated that the option to purchase cars will not make the game unbalanced or make items unattainable.

“In Driveclub you earn Fame, and as you earn Fame, you level up. Every time you level up, we give you another car. There’s no double gating or anything along those lines, you’re given the car straight away without having to do anything else. The only thing we do have is a couple of shortcuts.

“If you want to unlock a car immediately, you can pay to unlock that car straight away but it’s not a consumable microtransaction. We don’t let people buy Fame, for example and spend lots and lots.”

Driveclub isn’t the first racing game to offer microtransactions with Gran Turismo 6 allowing people to purchase in game credits, while Forza Motorsport 5 also has a similar setup.  Whether it will be a success or whether people will choose to unlock the cars through playing is something we’ll only find out after launch. As well announcing the microtransactions the final four nations that will appear in Driveclub were confirmed. Joining India are the United Kingdom, Canada, Chile and Norway, with each location having 11 tracks to race upon.

Source: IGN


  1. Don’t really mind this. It’s essentially a Time Saver pack that we’ve seen on racers for at least six years now.

  2. Game was already off my list since hearing it was 30FPS. This solidifies the decision.

  3. Ah, finally I can race around my own country in 200+ km/h.
    The micro transactions doesn’t really bother me as djhsecondnature said, it’s like a Time Saver pack.

  4. Anyone know whether they’re actual real areas/places or race tracks in the UK?

    • The tracks are based on real roads/areas but have been enhanced so not boring.

      • Shame there’s not actual circuits

        Would really like track days & get some laps of Donnington, Thruxton, Knock Hill, Oulton Park Brands Hatch etc

        For this reason, I’m leaning towards Project Cars… Only downside is Shift & Shift2 were unplayable due to woeful handling. Although with Driveclub running at half speed I’ve got issues with how its responsiveness may end up (plus handling concerns from the many who’ve already played it)

      • Wow, finally I’ve found someone who also didn’t like Shift’s handling. Can’t stand it when the cars feel like heavy lumps of metal.

        The devs were trumpeting it as cutting edge or something, I just couldn’t get it.

      • Project Cars is looking like it could be one of the best racers about, it looks great, real world tracks, just hope the handling of the cars is up there too, although what I’ve seen/heard it’s looking like it could be spot on.
        With Shift everything right except the handling, it was a real let down.

  5. Doesn’t bother me, i’ll be sticking with the ‘time-waster’ option so i can enjoy the reward of gaining new cars as i progress.

    I think i would prefer to see more countries overall but it will be interesting to see how varied the tracks and environments are.

  6. I will always play a game the way it’s meant to be played and don’t see the point paying (again) just to get ahead.
    The longer a game last the better value for money you get.

  7. Seriously looking forward to DriveClub, the team used to make the WRC games back in the day (which were a firm favourite of mine) so I know they make a good title.

    Not too keen on people buying better cars though.. Regardless of what they say a faster car will give someone added advantage. But whatever.

    Nice to see the ‘UK’ making the list. Wales and Scotland have some beautiful roads, as do the English coastlines and the Cumbrian hills. Bootiful!

  8. Might pick this up cheap as the microtransactions will probably imbalance the game.

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