What We Played #158: Transistor, Watch Dogs & Wolfenstein

Welcome to What We Played’s fourth year. I’d like to have something new to share but I’m still only really playing Warframe. The best place to read what I think is my comment in response to its recent featuring in TSA’s WeView feature.

Stefan has completed his second play through of Transistor which he says “was just as wonderful an experience as it was the first time”. The impact of that though is that he’s taken to whistling or humming Red’s vocals over the top of the soundtrack, “which sadly doesn’t have them included”. Guess he’s misplaced his copy of SingStar.

He also played a little of GRID Autosport for our preview and then Watch Dogs arrived. He may not be playing it in the way that Ubisoft intended though.


I’m probably playing Watch Dogs like a complete and utter plonker, aiming for a totally stealth approach and barely using any hacking unless I need to. I’m OK with breaking out the melee, but am generally trying to avoid killing.

It also sounds like he might have stopped playing GRID a little too soon with his car-based shenanigans…

I spent a good hour last night just generally pratting about. I was sneaking up behind NPCs chilling out in a park, then scaring them by tooting the horn of the sports car I was in. That kept me amused until I decided to try and get my car up onto the overhead metro system. Sadly, I couldn’t quite get it up the steps, but I did find a tiny little town car that could just about manage to squeeze through, and I then set about chasing after trains.

Playing through Wolfenstein for our review was really enjoyable for Peter, who has always been a fan of “the id Software style of fast shooter with meaty weapons and plenty of gruesome bloodsplosions (™) when you get the shotguns out”. Although he does think that it could have benefited from “a little more time to smooth off some rough edges and build on the excellent characters they introduced”.

He then went straight from FPS to MMO with EVE Online’s appearance in a Humble Daily deal this week. Typically having been given the freedom to do just about anything he can imagine doing in space (in which case he might need an imagination upgrade!) he can’t decide on a career path to specialise in. Expect to hear more about his EVEsploits in the coming weeks.

Last up this week is Aran who reviewed Worms Battlegrounds for us. He calls it “a rather fun title that has an entertaining single player and a nice local multiplayer set up”. He hopes that the clans feature will prove popular and help the game build a thriving community that’ll give the game some legs.

How about you?



  1. I played some Stick It to the Man for the TSA challenge and also some Minecraft. Have only played around five hours of Watch Dogs so far but enjoyed what i’ve played and looking forward to spending more time on it at the weekend.

  2. I’ve been mainly playing through Infamous Second Son. I’m about 80% through my good karma run on normal.
    I’ve also been playing more Trials Fusion, I’ve got platinum medals for everything except the extreme levels for which I have recently got all golds (so technically I have 100% in game completion as platinums and challenges don’t count apparently).
    I only have 1 trophy left to get which is for completing all the challenges (I’m currently at 85/120) but I don’t see that happening any time soon as some of them are ridiculously difficult… just as well Trials doesn’t have a platinum trophy or I might drive myself insane trying to do them.
    My copy of Mariokart 8 arrived yesterday so I’ve had a quick blast of that too.

    • Nice going on the Trials achievements.

  3. Boomerang Rentals sent me a copy of Wolfenstein this week so I’ve just been playing that for the most part. As for whether I like it or not, the jury is kind of out on that one right now…

    On the one hand its deliciously violent, has a surprisingly enjoyable storyline and feels strangely refreshing at times thanks to its old-school FPS style (dual wielding sniper rifles FTW!)
    On the other hand the game is pretty ugly overall, suffers from some major frame rate drops and I fear the whole thing is a little too samey to hold my interest to the end (I’m currently on chapter 8 of 16, 8 hours in and am starting to get a bit bored).
    Still, glad I rented it at least instead of buying it :)

    Oh, in between sessions I’ve also been playing Tomb Raider on Vita. St Francis’ Foly is still one of my favourite levels from any game ever :)

    • I love the original Tomb Raider, it’s unquestionably an epic!
      I’ve been playing Guacamelee, fabtastic fun but some bits have left me screaming at the Vita tearing my hair out, grrr!

    • Framerate drops on Wolfenstein? Everything i’d heard was that it was absolutely solid as a rock at 1080p60 (with dynamic resolution scaling during the biggest action moments)

      Pretty sure that’s what the Digital Foundry article said…

      • I’m wondering if it was because I was still installing the ludicrous 7GB update when I first started playing it. I have to admit, I didn’t see any more performance issues over the weekend at all. Finished the game over the weekend and I actually really enjoyed it in the end. There is a nice level of variety to the later chapters, which kept stuff fresh :)

  4. Watch Dogs. Found something I don’t like about it btw… The soundtrack is piss poor. Deffo need radio shows in an open world game. How you gonna set a game in Chicago and have NO house music?!! Apart from that, absolutely loving it.

    Also played about 20mins of Injustice after picking it up in the sale. Seems good, but all about Watch Dogs at the mo.

  5. Ah I remember the addictive EVE online very well. Went for being a Miner/Manufacturer/Battleship commander myself, though eventually the time-based skill system got tiresome and the joyful experience didn’t last beyond 4 months.

    I’ve mainly just been playing GT6 this week. The new Senna content was installed today and has been a joy to play through, although the last race on the 80’s Brands Hatch is extremely tough (for getting the gold trophy). TLoU’s multiplayer is finally finished with trophy wise, now just doing the SP on Survivor difficulty.

  6. Well i picked up the nice n easy Walking Dead platinum on Vita for my 3rd,played a bit of Wolfenstein also around an hour or so of Watch Dogs and a bit of Knack,mostly been playing Child Of Light not usually my favourite type of game but rather enjoyed it and around half way through the story,also received Mario Kart 8 this morning and currently enjoying trundling around on that :)

    • Oh and congrats to everyone on there achievements this week ;)

  7. This week I played more ni no kuni and I’m just 3 trophies from platinum now :)
    I also picked up watch dogs which I’m enjoying,but I’ve hardly done any main missions,as I’ve just been playing around and tailing people online.

  8. Been squeezing in bits and bobs of Everybody’s Golf on the Vita and finally got to 43/44 stars and 42/44 crowns.
    One crown remains unsolved and it’s an utter bollock to achieve which will unlock the final 44’th star and crown (Izzak VS2) for playing….Silver/5-3 at Le Provence Resort – Keep hitting GIR and win…bastard of a course with it’s irrational use of shot landings!!!
    Played a little WRC4 career to get a feel for it in readiness for the online trophy requirements with R1M.

  9. i’m having trouble playin watch dogs seriously aswell, ive developed a bit of a morbid interest in hacking traffic lights and watching the inevitable pile up, never gets old!

    • oh and its even more fun if you stand right in the middle of the junction, hack the lights, and then see if you can survive the traffic based carnage!

      • Some of the “carnage” is just terrible though. Plot a great big red FIRE ENGINE in front of them, hit the switch and they will lurch forward and crash into you.

        Heck, sometimes they don’t even manage to crash, but will then get out of their cars and complain about how much this is all going to cost them.

        A lovely idea, and one that’s fun as you whizz past, but stop and look too closely and… well…

      • Yeah it is pretty comical when they do that!

  10. I bagged all the trophies for Stick It To The Man early on this week, which I found surprisingly enjoyable :-)

    Now I’m on to Wolfenstein on PS4 and thoroughly enjoying it too. I commend the devs for creating a decent length story in an FPS for a change but I do get the feeling 16 chapters may be too much… Thankfully I’m finding the story and characters very interesting at the mo though :-)

    Other than that I’ve been playing a bit of Super Mario 3D World and picked up Mario Kart 8 today which is bloody great fun!

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