Hohokum Releasing In August

Hohokum, the latest game from Frobisher Says! developer, Honeyslug, will launch on August 13th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Vita.

Quirky and vibrant yet tangibly relaxing, Hohokum has been on the back-burner since 2008. Despite having a clear idea of what the team wanted to achieve, it took Honeyslug a few years to finally decide on a core set of mechanics, embodied within the game’s player character, the Long Mover.


Last year I briefly went hands-on with the PlayStation 4 version of Hohokum. From what I remember, it is exactly how designer Ricky Haggett still describes it, a free-flowing exploration game with light, non-intrusive puzzles elements.

After floating around one of the stages and learning how to handle the Long Mover, I remember asking what I was actually supposed to be doing. Now, when normally stood at a booth, you’re told do this and that, but for Hohokum, I was simply instructed to explore and have fun. Though there are objectives to complete, at its heart, the game is an interactive playground.

Bar its free-form approach to gameplay another thing that struck me in Hohokum was the sublime art direction, supplied by Richard Hogg.

A price for the game has yet to be announced but with a release date set for August, we’re sure to find out soon.



  1. Those two guys are awesome. Everything that’s right in the industry with two very lovely attitudes to gaming. I’m very much looking forward to the game but also hope that they have wonderful careers ahead of them.

  2. The game looks quite unique and reminds me a little of Loco Roco with the art style. Glad to see it’s finally being released as i’ve been looking forward to it since the PS4 launched.

  3. So I guess that means no Ps+ freebie. I hat hope there’s a discount for it. I love Frobisher says it was good fun. Also I think kids will love it. I think a day 1 purchase coming up.

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