Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Footage Goes Back To Basics

Hideo Kojima has released some new footage of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, showing off a staple of the franchise, the trusty cardboard box. The clip is only around a minute and a half long but shows guards being taken down due to not checking the suspiciously large box that appeared out of nowhere, and it’s actually quite funny. It made me smile anyway. Watch as one guard is neutralised and then another held up before our hero runs off, completing his cardboard hijinks. It all looks rather nice too, and we’re sure to get a lot more footage next week.


In other news related to the Metal Gear franchise it appears Sony is attempting to get Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct a movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. He has previously directed films such as The Kings Of Summer and Successful Alcoholics, as well as the TV show Single Dads. So a relative new comer to Hollywood taking on a franchise that has millions of fans. Good luck to him if he decides to take the helm.

Source: Deadline/TwoNerdsPlayingGames Youtube



  1. Can’t wait for this. After losing interest in MGS4, and an initially rocky start with Ground Zeros I fell in love the the MGS world again.

  2. Hmm, not sure a Westernised Metal Gear film would go down well with fans, nor would a daft Japanesey film go well with manynormal film fans, so it’s probably not a winner. The game however looks wonderful and now I’m starting to get over Hayter-Gate I really can’t wait!!

  3. I want this game so bad :-(

  4. Based on the price of Ground Zeroes i guess Phantom Pain will cost me around €300-€400 for the full game? ;-)
    Ah well, i snubbed the paid demo but i’ll definitely pick up Phantom Pain.

    • Honestly I’ve found Ground Zeroes to be excellent value so far. Granted if you are just going to run in and shoot everyone the game won’t last you long but the main mission took me roughly 3 hours and each of the side missions are averaging at 45 minutes (one was really short however).

      Then there is the task of replaying each mission to aim for S ranks, find cassettes, attempt higher difficulties, try out the various weapons, etc.

      So far I’ve logged 16 hours on the game and I’m no where near finished – not bad at all for £15 in my opinion.

      • Fair enough – i was probably exaggerating a tad , but Ground Zeroes is €39.99 in Ireland, €34.99 second hand. :/

  5. Am absolutely loving Ground Zeroes at the moment. The new engine is excellent and so much better than previous MGS games. Suffice to say I want this game!

  6. I’ve got such a raging boner for this game!

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