Podcast: Pre E3 Special

This week we decided to dedicate the podcast to the quagmire of gaming hype that is E3. Lewis couldn’t make it so we drafted in Teflon to help steer us through excitement as we build up to the big show next week.

We start off with Sony, and what we think they will show, touching on Morpheus and the big exclusives we know they’ll be showing off. Then we move on to what we hope to see, including The Last Guardian and WipEout.

Then we move on to Microsoft and the future of Kinect, what they might do in response to the VR tech onslaught and whether we’ll see the next instalments from their biggest franchises. We finally went on to discuss Nintendo and then EA and Ubisoft before our usual questions.

In among all this madness, we mentioned Sonic and how good an Adventure Time version of Sonic would be. And then The Internet answered our dreams.


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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. sweet, wasn’t expecting a podcast today.

    i’d love to see a new Blast Corps game from Rare.

    wouldn’t it be easier to ask what won’t Nintendo put Mario in?

    what i can’t figure out is, Mario being a plumber and all, why have they never made a Pipe Mania type game starring Mario.
    i mean seriously, they’ve had a plumber as their mascot for like 30 years, and he’s never done any plumbing. o_O

    from Nintendo, i’m really looking forward to seeing more of Monolithsoft’s X

    talking of ice hockey and riots, did you hear about a police vs firefighters charity match in New York, a fight started and it took like 20 minutes to stop the two teams fighting.

    • i saw that fight . pretty disgraceful imo. & it was weak as hockey fights go at that

  2. Adventure Time doesn’t need Sonic & Tails. How exactly would this be any good? People should just let Sonic Rest in Peace, the franchise died when i was a kid & here we are 15 – 20 years later, still beating a dead horse.

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