Community Chronicle: 08/06/14

Seeing as Tef is swanning off to sunny LA for E3, I’ll be on Chronicle duty for the next week. It’s kind of one of those “I have no idea what I’m doing” moments, but fingers crossed it’ll be ok and I’m sure he will be able to jump in to save the day if anything goes wrong. So, let’s get started!


With the recently announced move by Microsoft to begin selling Kinect-less Xbox Ones, the latest software update  allows developers to use up to 10% more GPU performance if their game doesn’t utilise Kinect. With the console already down on power in comparison to its main rival, it’s hard to see developers ignoring this freshly unlocked and much needed performance. Naturally, people were quick to point out it appeared Microsoft were ‘giving up’ on Kinect.

“Essentially MS have just killed Kinect. According to Phil Harrison ‘Xbox One is Kinect. They are not separate systems,'” says MrBiron, while mrfodder jokingly asks, “Do they put ‘Better without Kinect’ on the boxes?”

Tony Cawley believes Microsoft “forced people to buy the kinect on the premise it’d be central to the core experience, now they’re incentivising developers to do away it, essentially robbing customers of their cash on a product that was originally touted as essential”.

Teflon argues that “this was always on the cards as part of a programme to gradually unlock reserved CPU and GPU time”, and pointed out that originally, Kinect was to be plugged in at all times, however this was already dropped pre-launch.

Could you argue that Microsoft’s support of Kinect ended before the One was released? I guess so, but I’d rather focus on the positives of this move, which will ultimately benefit gamers who want to see higher resolutions and greater frame rates across both consoles, narrowing the hardware gap will benefit PS4 gamers too.

In other news, Sony confirmed their E3 Booth Line-Up. Many readers said how impressive the list looked, with CrawFail stating “E3 looks to be a belter this year!”, while Lanselta is looking forward to seeing Project Cars and Morpheous: “the game is made for it, and it’s a game like this that VR will be best in.”

Among others, nofi points out the list is “not complete.” There’s sure to be a few surprises added there after Sony’s conference, perhaps there’s one that you are particularly hoping for? I’d love to see some ‘true’ new-generation games, not just in terms of graphical fidelity, but in terms of innovative gameplay mechanisms to show the new-generation means business.

Perhaps one of those surprises could come from Naughty Dog, who revealed in an interview this week that they were working on two franchises with four “significant” projects. It’s all fairly ambiguous, with confusion over whether “DLC counts as a pretty significant thing”, as Severn2j points out. Dave87fez asks whether it could be “another Uncharted for the Vita”, whilst I think Foxhound_Solid sums up the news best simply saying “Oh man… This is exciting!”


This week Youles got what he calls the “plat-ric” for Dead Nation, earning the Platinum for Vita to join his existing PS3 and PS4 silverware, and also bagging the fastest time. He also found time to restore his COD Ghosts trophy count to 100%, although soon discovered the DLC trophies for an upcoming pack were released, lowering his percentage. In similar fashion, Freezebug restored his 100% in GT6 after completing the new Ayrton Senna trophies, so fingers crossed he gets to enjoy that satisfaction for a little while longer!

In other fastest trophy news, Crazy_Del wrapped up Watch Dogs, earning himself the fastest platinum, while Lyts1985 earned that title for Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4.

Other hard working trophy hunters included a inferior race, who earned the platinum for Tomb Raider on PS4, which he describes as a “really good game”, while R1MJAW started off the week by platinuming Infamous Second Son.

Hopefully I’ve given everyone a mention, but if I’ve missed anyone out feel free to yell at me in the comments!

It seems I’ve managed to make it through and TSA Towers is still standing, so all that’s left for me to say is head on over to page two for the latest refresh of the Trophy Leaderboard, or there’s the usual submissions form below if people want to send photos in of their gaming rigs, as Tef will be happy to post them (when he’s back!).

Just use the submission form below, get in touch with him on Twitter at @teflon, or just send him an email out of the blue to [email protected]

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  1. I’m looking forward to all news and interviews from the TSA E3 expedition, hopefully they’ll find a less dodgy motel this year – and in closer proximity to the event ;)

  2. Good job with the Chronicle gazza, a far cry from the Steven stand-in days :P

    Yeah, was happy to maximise the GT6 trophy list again after a challenging time with the Senna Time Trials….all good stuff though as it was a step up difficulty wise from the original and more subtle trophy list requirements.

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