Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming West To PS4 & Xbox One


Sony has announced that it is bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 to North America and Europe, with a full HD makeover for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game originally released on the PSP in 2011 as a Japanese only title, so this will be the first time those in the west will be easily able to get their hands on it.


The story of the game follows a group of 12 people that make up Class Zero, students who know magic. They become embroiled in a war against the Empire, and try to push it back from their own nation. There’s not much more details on when we can expect the title to reach our shores, but it’s happening.

Source: PR



  1. PSBLOG just admitted to a mistake, it’s NOT coming to Vita at all if I understand correctly!

    • Yeah, updated. If you can’t trust an official blog, who can you trust?

      • Thanks for the update. lol. Also I mentioned it, but this sites GTAV article has some MISS information. GtaV saves will NOT transfer between ps3/360 to ps4/x1/PC. It’s ONLY the ONLINE progress. You guys should fix that….

  2. I don’t like the look of that card in his hand……Is it a card game?

    • No, proper Final Fantasy RPG.

    • it looks like he’s about to eat it.

      maybe it’s just a really thin sandwich. ^_^

  3. Always happy to see more Japanese games making it over here, so many great ones.

  4. WHOAAA!!! This is gonna be a major one for me on PS4. This game was utterly awesome on PSP. Highly recommend it!

  5. cool.

    i love me a good FF game.

    hell, i like the mediocre ones as well.

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