Infamous: First Light Due August, Standalone Second Son DLC

Sucker Punch studios are releasing a standalone DLC for Infamous: Second Son. This DLC will follow the origins of Miss Abigail Walker (A.k.a. Fetch) and how her control over neon developed.


As it is a standalone, this DLC will not require the base game to be played, allowing new players to enjoy the Infamous experience without having to pay for the full title.

Infamous: First Light is due for release in August of this year, where it will be available for download on the PlayStation Network.



  1. Was hoping for something more along the lines of Festival of Blood, but this looks like it could be interesting.

  2. i’ve been wanting to see an Infamous game with a female protagonist, this is a good start.
    hey, maybe this is a way of gauging the reaction to a woman in the lead of an Infamous title.

    anyway, Second Son is likely to be one of, if not the first game i get when i do get a PS4.
    and this may well be the second.
    depending on when i get one.

    • Recently started a playthrough of Infamous SS. Excellent game and well worth playing. Very pretty too :)

    • Started Infamous SS last week and I wasn’t disappointed. Originally I thought it wasn’t my kinda game but I was wrong. Now on my 2nd play through as the evil dude.
      I might even get my first platinum on the PS4 with it, only got about 4 trophies to get and I haven’t even been purposely trying to get them.

  3. Infamous SS is a really good game (although its taken a back seat atm), but Im not sure I’d be interested in this. For me, the neon power was the weakest of the three (I haven’t finished it yet, so if there’s a fourth power I’m unaware) so a game based around that one power might get a bit dull.

    I actually thought the best power was the one you get at the start..

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