New Zelda Game Announced For Wii U, Coming 2015

Nintendo have finally announced the next full instalment in The Legend of Zelda series. Although Hyrule Warriors is coming later this year, the new game will be a full entry, and naturally less focused on combat.


To put it simply, it looks magnificent, with a stunning open world, and visuals which look like a blend of both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword – taking the realism of the former and mixing it with the vibrant colour palette of the latter.

The trailer shows a hooded Link being pursued by a large creature while riding Epona across Hyrule, before taking it on directly with his bow, first using bomb arrows before switching to something more mysterious. It looks amazing.



  1. That looks absolutely STUNNING!!!

  2. When Anouma unveiled the background, my jaw dropped.

    It looks Ghibly-ish, particularly that enemy. The animations are great, the visual style stunning and it’s open world.

    Best game of E3.

  3. It looks amazing – plain and simple I’ll have to have it!

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