Project Beast Is Actually Bloodborne

So remember the Project Beast rumours from a while ago? Well they were almost on the money, except the working title, Project Beast, has been changed to the much cooler Bloodborne.

Beyond that, the rumours seemed to be spot on. The game is indeed being developed by From Software, the company behind Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, and has a very distinct horror and zombie theme.

We don’t know a huge amount other than that and a 2015 release date, but the trailer did give off a kind of Victorian/steam punk vibe. Hopefully we’ll get more on this game soon.



  1. It’s unfortunate that all the good stuff was leaked, this could have been such a show-stealer. I suppose it’ll still stir up some excitement though. I’m surprised they’re not going with the Demon’s Souls name, but at least the font is the same.

    • Could’nt agree more.This could have been THE game to save E3 from the Meh…..for myself, but i knew all about it prior to the E3 annoucements and after them? it’s still the only game that could tempt me into getting a PS4.

      Loving the look of it.

  2. Very cool indeed. As its a Soul’s game it will no doubt be balls hard and therefore not my cup of tea but it looks great.

  3. Looks like a cross between God Eater, Soul Sacrifice, and Dark Souls. Curious to see how it develops.

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