The Project CARS PS4 Trailer Will Require You To Pick Up Your Jaw From The Floor

Project Cars is coming to PlayStation 4. We know that, and we also know that the game will support Sony’s VR headset, Project Morpheus.

We also know that it is a damn good looking game but this new PS4 trailer is, well, just watch it and prepare to be utterly gobsmacked.

Source: YouTube



  1. All these games that support Morpheus yet we don’t know when it will be released… I saw some people suggesting it would not be out until 2016 so surely the audience for this and other current games would have diminished

  2. Love that it’s not fantasy locations & has real tracks that go beyond just Silverstone taking in Brands Hatch, Donnington, Oulton Park, Caldwell, Snetterton etc too

    Can’t wait for this, much prefer what I know about this to what I know about Driveclub, however Slightly Mad Studios were responsible for Shift/Shift2 whose handling was unplayabley broken imo

    • Does look good, albeit nothing new I think that handling will determine it’s future among the have-a-go racers. I play arcade racers regularly and enjoy them but ultimately getting in the garage and altering the transmission ratio or brake balance and suspension settings does it ;)

      • Where do I apply for the position of Grammar Police Chief?

      • Yeah it’s pretty awful I know, but I’ll always be first to confess to posting rambled crap without a means to edit prior to facepalming lol!

        Jobs yours I’m not applying :P

    • Hopefully Slightly Mad Studios have learn’t their lesson and get the handling spot on, if so it could be a Gran Turismo beater.

  3. If i see a tech demo of this with someones VR, i think ill have a little accident in my pants! This is the experience i want….. NOW!!! (not the accident in my pants, I can do that already)

  4. It looks nice but does it play nice?

    • Agreed. Also, in-game graphics would be nice. The renders above look a bit beyond actual gameplay footage although I think I could see a hint of that in a few moments of the video. Still, very impressive with the effort they’re putting in. Top stuff.

  5. Looks awesome.

  6. I’ve been a supporter of this game for about 2 years. It’s evolved so much. Latest builds are pretty impressive. Still not sure about it though. Handling feels a bit like Shift still. It’s a lot better than it used to be though, where it was just Shifts handling. Hopefully by release it’s just right.

  7. The graphics are incredible. There are almost too many amazing looking racers due for PS4 between this, Drive Club and The Crew. This looks like it’ll be a far more authentic experience mind you.

  8. Looks great, but I’m doubting the gameplay.

  9. That does look superb, photo-often realistic. I hope it plays well too but this is a sign that we may be spoilt for choice with stunning looking racers this generation.
    I hope Driveclub can compete.

  10. If it’s as good as the trailer indicates then maybe this is why Drive Club’s been absent and we’re still wondering about Gran Turismo. Unless Sony have realised they preview GT far too soon and the usual delays just annoy people.

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