Sony: “The UK Will Be One Of The First European Territories To Get PlayStation Now”

In an interview with Digital Spy SCEE’s UK managing director Fergal Gara has said that gamers in the United Kingdom will be amongst the first to get their hands on PlayStation Now, the game streaming service.

“We definitely want to bring it to Europe, and definitely to the UK,” he said. “I think the UK will be one of the first European territories to launch in for two good reasons. The first is, it’s has a very strong gaming market and secondly the broadband infrastructure is up there with the best in Europe, or in the top end. Not all markets are in as strong [a] position in terms of broadband infrastructure.”

Fergal went on to say that although there is no firm date for the service, Sony are “very hopeful that we will launch in 2015, quite possibly in the early half, but we don’t know just yet.”

“It is the right place to lead the charge in North America. But the UK should not be that far behind,” he added.

Fergal also said that we should not expect any more announcements for games that are to be released in 2014, saying that there had been “a little bit of a drought the last few months,” and “I think most of what’s coming out pre-Christmas has probably been announced already.”

As for the E3 reveal that players without a copy of Far Cry 4 could join their mates in multiplayer, that seems to be an idea rather than an actual thing.

Fergal was asked if he knew how the game sharing would work and replied, “I don’t at this stage, to be totally honest with you. I think conceptually it’s very much rooted in the assist-a-friend mechanic we explained back in February, in New York, when we announced the PS4. In concept, it’s that kind of idea.”

Source: Digital Spy



  1. Makes sense and for pretty much everything else too. The UK gaming industry is in good standing both nationally and internationally so it follows that we’ll always be one of the first to get the new tech. Our native tongue is the most widely spoken language in the world, we love technology and are a decent-sized consumer nation of all things shiny. Not just that but our GDP is seriously high up the old country list.

    Yeah… everyone wants to sell in the UK. We’re suckers for new stuff. :-)

  2. If they do this right it could be huge. They definitely need a decent subscription price in place.
    Have to say though that similar to the way music has gone, if it does become a success, game sale are going to take a hit.

    • Although Im sure it will be slightly older games that will be on the service…

  3. I’m sure this is great news for the three people in the UK with a decent enough internet connection to support it.

    • Last year, Ofcom mentioned the average speed being in excess of 13Mbits (download). However, even with the BT Infinity speed I have here, the idea of playing games over the wire (with PS Now) leaves me cold. Unless it’s a genuinely methodical game that you plod through, I just can’t see this being a success. Still, the definition of success is open to interpretation so we’ll just have to see.

      • I thought it was higher than that, which was a surprise.

        Yep. Average speed in November 2013 was 17.8Mbit/s. It went up by 3.1 in 6 months up to November. (And it’s probably gone up again, when they release more numbers)

        They do claim that nobody has a speed less than 8 to 10Mbit/s though. Which seems unlikely. It’s 11% in that 8 to 10 range, 64% between 10 and 30 Mbit/s and 25% with 30 or higher.

        Which means that according to Ofcom, the entire country has fast enough connections to handle decent quality video. (I think Netflix needs about 5.5Mbit/s for it’s best 1080 streams)

        Of course, other things vary between ISPs. Ping time on my Sky connection is around 15ms, which seems pretty good to me (and that’s over wifi). I’ve seen BT connections with twice the download speed (can’t get the faster fibre connection here) getting ping times of 40ms, with a wired connection which should avoid wifi troubles.

        But I’d guess that the majority of connections should be able to do a pretty decent job of streaming games. Except those people with really slow, flakey connections. Which Ofcom think add up to a whole 0%. (Could it be they recruited people online to provide speed tests? And if your connection is as much use as a couple of yoghurt pots and some damp string, you don’t want to waste any bandwidth doing speed tests for Ofcom?)

  4. It’s amazing that they believe the US to have a more developed and stable internet that the most of Europe. Scandinavia and Germany for instance, clearly exceeds that of the US. Ridiculous.

    • I don’t think they believe the US to have the best broadband but from a regulatory point of view it is much easier than the EU.

  5. Of course, I don’t expect it to ever come to Ireland. 5 years waiting for video store.

  6. It’d be interesting to see what kind of effect Up/Down ratios and contention ratios have on the quality of PSNow – I have 125Mb/s down but only 11mbs up, but BT Fibre is apparently a 4-1 up/down.

  7. They had better get their buts over to the netherlands soon. We have us some amazing broadband :-)

  8. Meh just keeping previous generations of Playstations. I highly doubt the internets around where I am to be decent enough for the service.

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