Far Cry 4 Will Be Playable With Friends Even If They Don’t Own It, Only On PS4

Ubisoft has just shown off some Far Cry 4 gameplay and it looks rather fantastic. There are gun battles in the Himalayas, elephants running about, as well as what looks to cooperative in the main campaign, which will be great to play with your friends that own Far Cry 4.


Also the ones that don’t as Sony has confirmed your friends will not need to own Far Cry 4 to join your game and play. Details on how this will work wasn’t made clear but it will probably similar to Nintendo’s own system, where players can download things like the multiplayer for Mario Kart to play against a friend who owns it.



  1. Will you need knowledge of the previous game?

    • Probably not mate, all the others have been standalone stories, it’s almost a USP these days.

  2. How could you possibly come up with such a tag line..? ;o)
    Good move about the game access, Sony..!
    The trailer looked great, loved it..!

  3. Wow – this and the new batman game are the first times i’ve been wowed in a long time

  4. Awesome another game to look forward to xD

  5. I think this will be my birthday present off my wife this year. :-D

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