What We Played #160: Entwined, Battlefield Hardline & E3 2014

It’s a slightly odd week here at the virtual TSA Towers.  With some of the team out in L.A. for a party or something, some of the team jet-lagged from staying up all night typing until their fingers are little more than bloody stumps, and a couple of us out of the loop due to work commitments (I’m dodging lightning bolts in Germany and I can’t remember TC’s E3 excuse) there’s not a lot of gaming to report this week.

If you want to know what our travelling trio are playing your best bet is to hit up our E3 page where you can also discover which drink is best at providing the healthy balance to a breakfast burrito. I’ve nothing at all to report and nocturnal typist Aran is still trying to get through Concursion.

When Dom can forcibly remove his eyes from the many and varied E3 streams, he has managed to play through Entwined already.


“It can be quite punishing, but at the same time it wasn’t too hard to work my way through the nine levels. I’d say it’s heavily influenced by Flower, with a bit of Rez and the music of Chime thrown in.”

He is also in the midst of reviewing both Shin Melamine Tensei: Devil Digital Saga [I suspect his phone’s auto-correct might have intervened there] and Inazuma Eleven Go. Both titles are reportedly “very enjoyable” so far with Inazuma being “a big jump forward for the franchise”.

While Tuffcub has been busy with work it hasn’t entirely stopped him from gaming though the forthcoming sentence and a half might come as a bit of a shock so I hope that you are sitting comfortably:

Not Killzone SF! Got a bit bored with it tbh, waiting for the new DLC. Rented the Silly Hat Game, it’s not bad and certainly goes wonky half way through with the <spoilers> but it’s still InFamous and a lot of the gubbins is repeated from the previous games.

Completed the campaign on Cod Ghosts which was enjoyable silly.

Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate is annoying me. Nice game but forcing you collect those bloody jewels to unlock the next level, rather than just having you complete the previous levels, is really silly.

Playing through the BF4 campaign which is rather dull, much like Battlefield Hardline which is very very very dull. What exactly is the point? It’s just a reskin of Battlefield, the fact that you are playing cops or robbers make zero difference to the game, you could be playing Clowns vs High Court Judges.

PS Vita gaming consists of Sonic All Stars which is just fab, Limbo, Guacamelee and Killzone Mercenary.

Had quick go on the Beta of Transformers Universe on PC, seems alright but I really can’t play games with a mouse and keyboard.

And by the time you read this I shall be very busy on the Alpha build of Destiny on PS4. Yes. I am special.

I don’t think any of us would deny that dear ol’ TC is ‘special’. Just as Dan was beginning to dare to believe that Uni might be over he’s been given a dissertation to think about and organise as well as a field trip to look forward to. Away from that he has managed to get a bit of gaming in.

“I’ve managed to play a bit of Watch Dogs, which I now think is worse than just ‘okay’.”

Uh, oh.

“Shoddy driving, poor visuals, and it’s just so boring. Really not my cup of tea. Definite trade in for The Last Of Us when August arrives.” And that’s after the extra polish it received after its high-profile delay.

June’s two PlayStation 4 PlayStation Plus giveaways aren’t proving popular either. He’s still not a fan of Trine 2 after playing it on the PS3 for no other reason than the easy Platinum. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate isn’t his cup of tea either but still, they’re ‘free’ right. That’s all meant he’s fallen back on his digital comfort blankets F1 2013 and Call of Duty: Ghosts which “are still great”.

That’s all from us this week, have you managed to tear yourself away from all of our (and some other lesser site’s) E3 coverage to actually play any games?



  1. Not much time for gaming this week, playing a couple of levels each night of PJ Shooter Ultimate and playing Watch Dogs at the weekend when i can get a few hours spare.

  2. As much love and passion I have for the gaming industry and this wonderful pastime of mine, I feel very much on my own with how I play my games in comparison. You’re all mental!

    *watches list of stunning games to play build up even more* :-)

    • Eh? Whatchootalkinaboutwillis?

      • It constantly amazes me that many of the TSA Massive can casually say things like “didn’t have as much gaming time as normal this week so only managed to play {insert five games here}”.

        I really must stop fiddling around with women’s boobs and just play video games instead.

      • You’ll have to play a bit of hyperdimension neptunia then!

  3. Played through Pixeljunk Shooter (all but the multiplayer trophies done).
    I’ve mainly been playing Lego The Hobbit with the obligatory quick blast of Trials Fusion here and there.

    • Gimme a shout for the PJ Shooter MP stuff – I don’t relish going up against randoms much, so we can help each other out with those.

      • Unfortunately it’s not boostable, most need to be done in league matches which is effectively random matchmaking.

      • Ugh.

        Fair enough though. :)

  4. Just watch dogs and puppies shooter ultimate for me this week,it’s all I’ve had time for.

  5. In my ongoing quest to never play a game that’s less than 2 years old, this week I have mostly been playing Crysis 2. With a bit of Assassin’s Creed Revelations.
    Next week Jet Set Willy & Knight Lore. ;P

  6. trying to get my head around battlefield hardline.
    very strange change in style for battlefield.
    is this a full blown game or an add on.
    personally i think £20.00 add on would suit it much like the Vietnam pack for bad company.
    as for destiny well bungie can go and do one!
    to be blunt it sucks..a mediocre fps hidden in a mass effect rip off dressed as halo.thanks but im out!

  7. Played BF:Hardline for about 20 mins, hated it. It really is just the same again but with a different skin.

    So the rest of my game time has been spent with Watch Dogs on PS4, with a smidgeon of that new Wolfenstein game on PC.

    Oh, and I did have a go at PixelJunk Shooter for the TSA challenge, but gave up after I noticed I couldn’t even beat the example score set in the article. *sigh* I used to be a contender, etc..

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