TSA E3 Bingo 2014 Results

This year’s E3 is now over, and it showed that the new-generation consoles are still very much in their infancy as we have plenty to look forward to in the coming months (and years in some cases). While there was a much bigger focus on the games themselves, there were far fewer live demos compared to previous years, and in some cases all we saw was concept work. As a result, this messed up a few people’s choices (especially mine!) and in all made the competition far closer.

Just like last year, the winner is not the person with the most number of correct choices, but the person with the highest score. The points system was weighted towards rewarding those that chose the riskier options that we thought were less likely to happen.

You can still view the original article to see the 105 options that were available, however only 20 actually occurred. These correct options are shown below with their points shown in brackets:

Sony’s E3 Conference:
US Release date for PS Now announced [1] Rockstar show something on stage with Sony [3]

Microsoft’s E3 Conference:
A Halo 2 HD remake is announced [2] A ‘Remastered Halo Collection’ is announced (games 1-4) [3] Call of Duty Advance Warfare is played on stage [1] Crackdown 3 is announced [2]

Nintendo’s E3 Conference:
New Star Fox Game Announced For Wii U [4] New Zelda Game Announced For Wii U [3] Bayonetta 2 is dated for this year [2]

EA’s E3 Conference:
New footage for Mirror’s Edge 2 is shown (trailer or gameplay) [1] New footage for FIFA 15 is shown  (trailer or gameplay)  [1] New footage for Madden 15 is shown  (trailer or gameplay)  [1] Mass Effect 4 is revealed [3] Criterion Games’ next game is announced [2]

Ubisoft’s E3 Conference:
Assassin’s Creed Unity is played on stage [1] A scene showing Far Cry 4’s protagonist captured by the antagonist is shown [3] Ubisoft reveals new super secret title no one knows about as surprise at end [2]

GTA V is announced for PS4 and Xbox One [1] The Witcher 3 is played on stage during one of the conferences [2] Tomb Raider Sequel is announced [2]

To see how well you did against us, and to see who holds the bragging rights in TSA Towers for the next year, here are all the staff entries:

Position Name Score
1 Kris Lipscombe 15
2 Blair Inglis 12
3 Adam Guest 11
Dan Lee 11
Dominic Leighton 11
4 Teflon 10
5 Aran Suddi 9
Sam Paterson 9
6 gazzagb 7
Jim Hargreaves 7
Tony Cawley 7
7 Dan Jones 6
Greg Turner 6
8 Peter Chapman 5
Gamoc 5

So Kris clearly lead the way among the staff, with a whopping 15 points, followed by the rest of the pack. The guys that actually went to E3 (Blair, Stefan and Peter) came second, fourth and last, so quite a mixed bag there – I expect Peter will blame it on the burritos!

On now to the all important top 3 positions, as you can see, it was quite tight!

Position Name Score
1 Kris (Staff) 15
Takyu 15
2 MICKY17 13
tactical20 13
3 avengerrr 12
billsmugs 12
Blair (Staff) 12
Charmed_Fanatic 12
DJ Judas 12
Eldur 12
haz360 12
mrfodder 12
NotSmartEnough 12
Winkle 12

Kris and Takyu deserve a round of applause then, for coming in joint first with 15 points each! You can see how close it was, with 15 members being separated by just 3 points in the top 3 positions! If you want to see the full table, head on over to Page 2.

Well that’s it for this year’s TSA E3 Bingo, hopefully you all had fun and will be joining us again next year!

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  1. Woo! Joint 7th!

    ‘grats all.

    And thanks to the TSA staff for setting this up. It added a fun little side element to this years E3. Very much appreciated ^_^

  2. Well done to the winners and as Nocure-fd said above, cheers for organising the bingo – even if i did only manage joint 9th.

  3. Joint 11th, I think that’s my highest finish in E3 bingo.

    Well done to the winners.

  4. Blimey I made it into the top 6..
    Good game well played guys

  5. Joint 3rd with 12 points. Not Bad. Definitely a mixed bunch this year. Well done to the winners. 15 is super high.

  6. Joint 3rd. Pleased with that despite being foiled by my undying belief that The Last Guardian would make an appearance.

  7. Maybe I can’t count but I think I got more than 9 :) Joint 6th is consistent but I want to improve. Also, Project Beast did get a trailer.

    • Yeah Project Beast did get a trailer, despite the fact it was Bloodborne. Ah well, TSA’s decision is final. Sneaky barstewards :p

      • It was difficult because we had “Project Beast Gets A Trailer” and “Bloodborne is announced and turns out to be Santa Monica’s game”, neither of which were ‘technically’ correct.

        Sorry! :P

  8. Well done folks, remember it’s not about winning… ah who am I kidding of course it is! And I was robbed, hah!

  9. Well that’s a surprise! Honestly didn’t expect that! :-)

  10. 2nd place! Gutted but also my best finish yet :) well done Takyu and Kris. And yh wasn’t Project Beast that Bloodborne game during Sonys conference?

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