Resogun Update Going Live Before The End Of The Weekend, New Trophies Included

A couple of weeks back Housemarque officially revealed the Heroes DLC for Resogun, as well as news of a free update for all owners of the game. The free update was supposed to be going live on June 23rd, but it appears the date has been moved forward by a day and will instead go live tomorrow, Sunday 22nd June. The Heroes DLC will not be available for purchase until the store update later this week.

When the update is downloaded players will have access to a ship editor, where you can build your own craft from scratch to use in the game, as well as local co-op and new trophies to unlock, though what they are have not been revealed though we’ll know tomorrow. While there will be additions there will also be some removals, including resetting the current leaderboards back to zero, However, the current leaderboards will be archived into a Hall Of Fame that will be viewable in game by everyone. Once the update goes live that leaderboard will no longer update.


The developers have also been looking at exploits within the game and will be patching them out as part of this update, as well as checking for other bugs and getting rid of them.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Ship editor? I think we all know what _that’s_ going to lead to.

    I, for one, welcome our new penis-ship overlords.

    • It goes even further than that – the editor allows sharing so others will be able to play with your X-Wang! O.o

      • Congratulations sir. You have just won the internet for today.

  2. Epic free update and free trophies, one of the best developers out there. DLC looks ace as well, count me in!

  3. Great free update and a good excuse to fire up Resogun again.

  4. We’re getting it a day earlier, that makes a change from all the delays there’s been since PS4 came out. Looking forward to see what Housemarque have been busy with.

    • It’ll likely be awesome, Housemarque have been a stalwart of greatness ever since my first encounter with their works during the Amiga days…1200 AGA mind! :P
      Simply put, they produce the goods every time ;)

  5. Somehow I missed the bit about resetting all the high scores. That’s a bit of a shit move.

    On the plus side, there’s a bunch of stupidly easy trophies. Spend 30 seconds building a new ship (just any shape will do), and set the 3 attributes to zero. Share it, you get a trophy. Complete a single level (why not try the first one, on Rookie difficulty?), and you get 3 more trophies. Or 4 if you manage to not die. Your ship will be absolute crap to play with though. But 5 easy trophies in a few minutes. (And another if you can make your ship consist of exactly 1337 cubes?)

    Some of the other trophies look somewhat harder. Complete the last level on Veteran difficulty with the rubbish ship??

    The new modes sound interesting. Survival and Demolition. I like a nice survival mode. And demolition sounds as if it should involve lots of stuff exploding into little cubes.

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