CVG Not Closing But Will Face Staff Cuts

A few weeks back news was coming out that Future was about to shutter CVG, but it appears the outcry at the decision and the fact other parties wanted to buy the rights has convinced the publisher to keep the site going. However, the team will be cut down to three members. This is down from five full time UK based writers and additional staff from the US and Australia. While the site is safe for now Future will carry out a review at the end of the year, and that will determine whether the site will continue operating.

While the saving of CVG is good it’s unclear whether this course of action will be extended to the other Future sites. EDGE, OPSM, OXN, and OXM are still facing the axe, and we’re likely to hear about their fate soon enough.  As a site we’d first like to wish luck to those who will be losing their jobs, and hope they find something soon. To the remaining staff at CVG, we say good luck and here’s to a bright future.

Source: MCVUK


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  1. Will there be a fight to the death for the remaining positions? Will the battle be televised? Keep us posted! :-)

    (best of luck to all who are looking for new work)

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