CVG Faces Closure As Future Publishing “Need To Change And Fast”

Computer and Video Games, more commonly known as CVG, looks set to close and all staff of Future UK has been put on a 45-day consultation period as the management struggle to bring the company in to profit.

PC Gamer, Gamesradar and the very recently launched Kotaku UK are safe at the moment but other Future games websites and publications will also face changes. Those may include Official PlayStation Magazine, Edge and Gamesmaster.

Zillah Byng-Maddick, CEO of Future, has told staff that the business model was not “working hard enough” and the company “we need to change and fast.”

It is immensely sad that CVG may be closed down, the brand has been existence for more than 30 years beginning life as part of the Dennis publishing empire before being bought by Future in 2004. Our thoughts are with the staff at Future, hopefully they can all find employment elsewhere.

Source: MCV


  1. As a regular visitor and fan of CVG, and a subscriber to OPM… bollocks!

    Hope something can be done to keep everything afloat, and best of luck to all the staff members!

  2. Real shame… I mainly view OPMs’ & CVGs’ content via utube. In which production time, value & up-to-date content, is given alot of attention. IGN will hold monopoly now. I wish TSA would give that medium more attention & I dont mean get yourself a Naomi Kyle.

    Thoughts with the staff. GTAv’oclock, it has been a blast.

    • Though I wouldn’t be against a TSA version of Naomi Kyle….

      In all seriousness though, this is a genuine shame :/

  3. Always sad to see such an old and well loved brand die. Hopefully OPM will make it through unscathed, been reading OPM for 12 years and I would hate to see anything happen to them.

  4. as a long time gamer who remembers the early days of the C&VG magazine, this is pretty sad news.
    the C&VG name has survived for over thirty years, throughout all the changes in the industry, when other magazines shut down, and even a physical magazine wasn’t profitable anymore, there was still the website.
    Computer and Video Game, then C&VG, then finally CVG have been there for about as long as i’ve been gaming.

    anyway, hopefully the staff can find work elsewhere, next to these people losing their jobs my nostalgia isn’t really important.

  5. this is a real shame, as far as i’m concerned CVG is one of the best along with TSA, Metro- gamecentral, and Eurogamer. really sad to see them go

  6. I hope this gets supported ASAP. I used to CVG when I was young but lost interest with games. Then PlayStation came along. I nearly forgot about CVG til about 2 years ago. Is great for review round ups. You don’t have to look everywhere.

  7. Oh, thats not good. Does that also include Computer Music and Future Music publications and Music Radar as they are part of the group too I believe

    • Yeah pretty much everything is under review. Weird they are dumping CVG in favour of the very new Kotaku UK tho.

  8. Terrible news! I don’t read CVG as much as I used to but it’s a great site though. However I do own and subscribe to OPM every month so don’t want that to close too!

  9. what!there are still magazines?
    lol surprised it lasted this long…it aint no gamesmaster..
    ahhh the good old days of reading play,and i have everything,yes reviews tips oh the list goes on!,at the push of a button.
    jeez i even cancelled my subs to razzle..
    its called the internet!
    welcome to 2014 people.

  10. Maybe it’s because I’m a grumpy old git, but I prefer reading a magazine over reading a screen. Gutted when PSM3 closed down, and saddened by yet another mag getting the bullet. Sadly it’s a sign of the times.

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