Official Nintendo Magazine To Close

Future have confirmed that the last issue of Official Nintendo Magazine,  issue 114, will be in stores on 14th October 2014.

The publisher will continue to work with Nintendo on other projects across its range of publications including on future projects across, CVG, Edge, Kotaku UK and Gamesmaster.


The magazine started life in 1994 as Nintendo Magazine System and was published by Emap. Future bought the publishing rights in 2006 and renamed the title to Official Nintendo Magazine.

Earlier in the year Future announced the closure of the websites for Official PlayStation, Official Xbox and Official Nintendo magazines, along with CVG and Edge Online, but later backtracked and kept CVG, albeit with reduced staff.

As ever, we send out best wishes to the staff at ONM and hope they will find employment soon.

Source: ONM



  1. No real surprise, the Australian one closed down earlier in the year too. Good luck to all those job hunting.

  2. Lol Nintendo. Never owned a Nintendo system. Awful rehashed same games every generation. I hope Nintendo them selves go bust

    • What a lovely sentiment.

      I also like the way that you said you have never owned one, but yet feel qualified to comment on the quality of the games. Nice touch.

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